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Fan Art Friday: Stuff I Like


Yeah, sorry about the lame title. I'm about to fly out to FenCon this weekend where JordanCon is bidding to host the 51st DeepSouthCon in 2013 and I didn't want to skip two weeks in a row. Anyways, you aren't here for my tired excuses, you are here for some sweet, sweet fan art love. Onward!




Is that Min wearing a crop top and leather pants? Regardless, this is a pretty bad ass picture of Our Heroes gearing up for the Last Battle by Webcomicfan. It looks like a movie poster!




I first saw this picture at the Atlanta signing for The Gathering Storm tour in 2009. The artist brought the original to show Harriet and Brandon. At the time, I kicked myself for not getting contact info from Edsel, so I'm very glad to see he decided to upload it to Dragonmount.




I don't really think this needs commentary from me. Good job Sus_b.


And that's all I've got for tonight. I've got to finish packing now.

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"Is that Min wearing a crop top and leather pants?" Considering the spear, I'd say it's meant to be Aviendha, although the hair is the wrong colour.


It's a great image nonetheless.

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