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    Japanese and Korean stuff (from music to language)...actually lets just say I have an interest in Asian languages as a whole and have only managed to learn Japanese and have started learning Korean :)
    Reading, listening to music (pretty much everything), food, cooking, K-dramas, J-dramas, etc.
  1. I got the first three books from my dad when I was in middle school (about 11 years ago). I have always been a big bookworm and my dad suggested I start reading The Wheel of Time. I spent many nights staying up extemely late and reading into the morning...good thing it was summer when I got those books. Best thing about starting the series around that time is when I was reading 'The Shadow Rising' and my 7th grade science teacher noticed I was reading it and recognizied the series. Needless to say: best science teacher ever.
  2. I would be a Brown. I love to read, do research, and in general learn new things. I feel like I would be right at home :)
  3. I like so many...but I think my favorite is when Perrin forges his new hammer. Made of awesome~ I also like Rand and Avihendia's trips through the ter'angreal in Rhuidean. Oh, and when Mat and Birgitte drink together in Ebou Dar and he speaks the Old Tounge. So much good stuff!
  4. This is a hard one...but I would have to say Nyneave. I like how stubborn she is, how she rationalizes her actions (to herself and everyone else), and how she sticks up for the people she cares for.
  5. ^ I think Basel is a little biased ;) I would subscribe to Randland as well :O
  6. I love these! If I had seen these while I was in Japan I would have bought them :O
  7. My favorite is...all of Chapter 35 with the Cleansing. It is an awesome chapter :) Although it says to only pick one favorite...that is kind of hard so second favorite: when the girls get to (finally) bond Rand <3
  8. The "stages of" are awesome :D I giggled at all of them. I like her style...even when she crosses WoT with Avatar. Two of my favorite things!
  9. I love this...just because Mat is made of awesome! I wish this had been the cover for the book though...the wagon with the two guys and the woman on the front got a little old :/
  10. I just finished reading The Innocent Mage by Karen Miller and have started reading The Awakened Mage. I am new to Miller's work and find it pretty good so far :) I plan on reading Empress next. On the side I have also been going over WoT re-reads.
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