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JordonCon and DeepSouthCon Annual Awards

Mashiara Sedai

Each year, the DeepSouthCon gives away three distinct awards to fans and professionals.  They are known as the Phoenix, the Rebel, and the Rubble.  Here's this year's winners:


The DeepSouthCon Awards have been awarded!


The Phoenix is given to the professional (writer, editor or artist) who has done the most for southern fandom. Today, it was awarded posthumously to to Eugie Foster, and to Jana Oliver. Both are authors local to Atlanta who have a considerable body of work and are frequent supporters of local conventions.


The Rebel is awarded to the fan who has done the most for southern fandom. Today, it was awarded to Bill Harrison, long time convention volunteer for multiple conventions in Atlanta, Tennessee and more, and to Pat Henry, the retired Chair of DragonCon.


North Carolina's governor, Pat McCrory was the winner of the Rubble awarded, which is given to the individual who has done the most TO the Southern Fandom.


In addition to this, awards have been incorporated into JordanCon.  These are the first ever to be given out to JordanCon professionals, fans, and volunteers.  Here are the winners:


The first Annual JordanCon Awards have been awarded!


Called the Hero of the Horn award, it is given out in three categories- the volunteers, professionals and organizations that have supported JordanCon.


This year, the Hero of the Horn was awarded to April Moore for all of her hard work as a volunteer, TarValon.net for its long-standing support and Brandon Sanderson as a professional for his dedication and support.


Congratulations to everyone, and thank you all!!!


One last announcement from the convention:


Harriet McDougal made a very mysterious announcement this evening at JordanCon. She has instructed the fandom to check Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time Google + page or Dragonmount on Wednesday (April 27, 2016) for information regarding the future of The Wheel of Time.

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Yup, checking both Google+ and this page! Hope it is something awesome!

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I've been checking since first thing this morning, hope it is something good!  No, scratch that, I hope it is something very exciting!

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Mashiara Sedai


It may take a few more days. Wednesday was the earliest it could've been announced, but sometimes you know how things get pushed back. Should be soon now.

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