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  1. Now you'll have to get your sword and dragon pins.
  2. Would be interesting if it was on Netflix. Then we could binge what the heck out of it.
  3. I just hope I have the channel that it's on.
  4. So I checked and it says we are getting a WoT TV series!
  5. It's the 27th I am regularly checking Google +
  6. Had me for a second until I looked at the date.
  7. You're not kidding about being difficult to work with and just getting the sculpey ready was very time consuming. Thank you very much for the compliment. I will let you know when I end up doing the female angreal.
  8. I posted a picture on the site some time back. I plan on doing a female version some time in the future as well as revisiting the male one since it was my first time sculpting anything. I used sculpey to make it which was a pain. My next attempt I will use a different kind but still sculpey.
  9. I don't wear dresses but I enjoyed this. I have been thinking about a red coat like Rand's. I did make his male angreal.
  10. fosterrl


    I would love to know where he got that Callandor.
  11. I will get the book but none of the stops are close to me.
  12. Has there been any news at all about what has occurred since this story broke. I would like to hear an update.
  13. I've wanted to see something Wheel of Time on TV for awhile but not that.
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