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A Memory of Light is here!

Jason Denzel

A Memory of Light, the final book in the Wheel of Time series, has arrived! Here's a round-up of news and reviews.


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Book Tour Info

Dates and times about the AMOL book tour:


Monday, January 7th - 8 PM

Provo, UT (pre-release Q&A)

Provo High School auditorium with Harriet


Tuesday, January 8th - Midnight

Provo, UT (midnight signing)

BYU Bookstore with Jason Denzel


Tuesday, January 8th - 7 PM

Minneapolis (Roseville), MN

B&N with Harriet


Wednesday, January 9th - 7 PM

Chicago (Skokie), IL

B&N with Harriet


Thursday, January 10th - 7 PM

Dayton, OH

Books & Co with Harriet


Friday, January 11th - 7 PM

Lexington, KY

Joseph-Beth Booksellers with Harriet


Saturday, January 12th - 2 PM

Charleston, SC

B&N @ 2pm (off-site @ Addlestone Library/ College of Charleston) with Harriet and Jennifer Liang


Friday, February 1st - 7 PM

Salt Lake City, UT

Weller Book Works


Wednesday, February 6th - 7 PM

San Diego, CA

Mysterious Galaxy


Thursday, February 7th - 7 PM

Los Angeles (Huntington Beach), CA



Friday, February 8th - 7 PM

Sacramento (Citrus Heights), CA

B&N with Jason Denzel


Saturday, February 9th - 3 PM

San Francisco, CA



Monday, February 11th - 7 PM

Portland, OR

Powell's (Beaverton store)


Tuesday, February 12th - 7 PM

Seattle, WA

University Books (off-site; University Temple United Methodist Church)


Thursday, February 14th - 7 PM

Vancouver, Canada

Chapters Metrotown


Friday, February 15th - 7 PM

Toronto, Canada

Bakka-Phoenix Books (off-site; Lillian H. Smith Library)


Saturday, February 16th - 2 PM

Milford, NH

The Toadstool Bookshop (off-site; The Amato Center for the Performing Arts)


Monday, February 18th - 7 PM

Baltimore (Hanover), MD

Books-A-Million with Harriet


Tuesday, February 19th - 7:30 PM

Philadelphia, PA

Free Library with Harriet


Wednesday, February 20th - 7:30 PM

Raleigh, NC

Quail Ridge Books with Harriet


Thursday, February 21st - 7:15 PM

Atlanta, (Norcross), GA

Eagle Eye Books (off-site; Norcross Cultural Arts Center in conjunction with the Gwinnett County Library system) with Harriet and Jennifer Liang


Friday, February 22nd - 7 PM

Birmingham, AL

Books-A-Million with Harriet and Jennifer Liang








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I am so very happy Harriet will be stopping by the Philadelphia Free Library! It means a lot to me because it really is a blessing to have her stop by this city! 

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I'm with you, That's where I'm going to get my copy signed. I got the book yesterday, read the prolouge and when I read the first line of chapter one, "The Wheel of time turns and ages come and pass....." I got chills. So far I'm loving the book. Sone things so far, I'm not really surprised about. Not expected in the way it unveiled but not surprised.

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Yeah, I am just hopping over the bridge from Jersey on to the Patco and I will be there in no time! 


I am actually reading the book slow which I decided to do before hand. I just want all the images to form up and enjoy it!

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I attended the Minnesota signing on Tuesday, and the size of the crowd really surprised me. I missed the last WoT signing there, and remember piles of signed copies of Towers of Midnight laying around the day afterwards. I also attended a signing by GRRM a few years ago, and there were only around 100-125 in attendance, granted it wasn't for Dance with Dragons, but it was still a signing with GRRM. I was expecting a similar crowd.


I called B&N late Tuesday morning to find out if I needed a ticket to get my book signed, which I did. I cruised over there and got my book and ticket at around 1PM. I initially expected to get a really low number 20-50, or maybe even lower, but while waiting in line, I noticed close to 50 reserved copies of AMoL. My number was in the 200s, and not only that, but there were people already in the seating area waiting! I decided to wait in the coffee area and work on school work, around 5:30 there was only about 60 people there, so I left for a few hours, returning at 7PM.


Sometime after I left and before I returned attendance exploded. By the time I returned there had to have been around 500 people in attendance, many scattered throughout the store reading their books on the floor. Not only that, but now people were wandering around looking for copies of AMoL to purchase, of which there were none because those huge piles of books had been sold.


It was a fun event, even though it wasn't the most talkative crowd I have been around. I suppose that was understandable since many were nose deep in the final Wheel of Time novel, some of which finished the novel before the signing ended!

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Why do all of the dates say "Tuesday"? I about had a heart attack until I checked my calendar and realized it was Friday. I had taken thursday and friday off. lol

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Ok will I I will either call in to the library or just go really early even though I do have the book already. I would love to talk to others about the book and hey oddly enough at the coffee shop I go to, today I met a fellow Wheel of Time reader! Yes! :D 

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I finished the book last night around midnight. I had a mix of feelings, mostly good, and a strong impulse to immediately begin reading The Eye of the World from the start. Instead I slept hoping to find the wolf dream; perhaps meeting Mr. Jordan there and thanking him for his story. Thank you Brandon and Team Jordan. Very well done.

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Man, I JUST finished the book right now! WOW.....

WOW. Man that one chapter was looooong. I can say that if I died tomorrow, I can go in true peace now that I have finished what I've been awaiting for so long. Superb story Mr. Jordan. Good work Brandon.

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