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Hi, everyone!


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Nice to meet all of you. I am fairly new to the Wheel of Time series. I just started book 5 (Fires of Heaven), and I have loved the entire series so far. I look forward to gaining new insight from all of you guys. As my first post, I would like to ask who is your favorite character or which book is your favorite? Try not to spoil anything though!


I look forward to your responses! :)

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Hey ! :biggrin:


Welcome to DM !!!!

Well, I have to confess that I didn't like the series. My favorite book is probably the first one as it convinced me to go forward in my reading. Fav character is Lan :)


I liked his dedication and sense of duty.


What about you ?

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I personally love Egwene and Nynaeve. I think they are really powerful characters. Min is another favorite. I also really like Loial and Perrin. I love how there are so many different story lines in each book (my favorite book is still probably Eye of the World, but Shadow Rising was pretty intriguing). I love the cliff-hanger endings the books have as well.

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True, to have different storylines in a book makes it more interesting ! So, even if you like a character a bit less, you know that you'll have soon a chapter with a character you like more :biggrin:




How does your books cover look like ?


I am always curious about the art work in different countries lol



book 1 looks like this for me :



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They all have their own themes and activities, so I suggest you to have a look in each of them. :biggrin:


There's usually a sign in thread where you have to post if you want to join and a thread where the topics and themes are explained. In each group, you can go through a path that will allow you to progress and gain "ranks" through different tasks, events, activities, aso ^^

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Hi Min, welcome to Dragonmount.


I'm fairly new myself (just joined one week before you, in fact), and guess what? I myself am almost at a similar place in the series as you. I'm currently reading The Shadow Rising, which should be done soon.


Since I have read only three books in the series, favorite book till now was The Great Hunt.

Overall favorite (non-WoT) is Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson


Favorite WoT character till now is Mat, of course :D



And @Chaelca


I have the same cover!

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