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Hello all!


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Hello! Thanks for the welcome. I am a very big fan of Robert Jordan and his Wheel of Time books. I have been captivated by them for the last 12 years. Every time I re-read them I see something new and interesting and I find it comforting to see on these forums that I am not the only one who just hasn't gotten it all. I look forward to adding my thoughts where and when I can. Currently I am only able to get on the internet at work but I am making the most of it.



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Guest Emperor

What makes you think we will welcome you Mr. I-will-thank-you-before-I-get-a-welcome.


Well you will not get a welcome from me!




PS. Welcome to DM.

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Oh no someones let Empy out again.... :roll: :D


Welcome DS99...Hope you'll have a lovely time here...and if you don't I want to know why not :D


If you take a look at the threads above they'll do a lot of explaining about these boards.


If you are creative or artistic in anywaythen please feel free to pop by the Illuminators. Or you could join the white Tower...as Aes Sedai or Warder and have some fun there.


Empy is the Seanchan Boss and that's the place for Entertainment.


If in doubt then ask a question here I'm sure someone will endeavour to answer

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Guest Emperor

I am my own entertainment but I dance on the SC boards.


Just to let you know, Tessa did not welcome you.... because I said so.... because......


I like being called the boss. It makes me think we are in the mob.

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Guest Barmacral

This thread has really been derailed, and so I suppose I'll derail it a little more before I try to put it back on track.


You know, I'm getting the feeling that Empy hasn't accidently been let out again... but rather that nobody seems to remember to lock his cage when they put him away again.


And Welcome to DM DS99, you will find for the next few months a suprising amount of information that has slipped passed you, no matter how much you have read it in the past.


Be sure to check out Fiddlesticks, they don't bite, although they do nip gently (it adds up when every member of fiddlesticks nips you gently... again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and...). Fiddlesticks is probably the most relaxed place in all of DM.


And do take a look at the Orgs, each of them does something different, and all of them want you. (Be wary of the Seanchan Org though, the people there are cool, but Empy DOES bite).


And of course, if you have any interest in writing, or just creating worlds, be sure to check out the world building thread in the Illuminator's Org.



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