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A path of Daggers on CD


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Hey All!


Recently I have been turned on to listening to books on Audio. I have read WoT several times and decided it would be fun to listen to it.


So far it's been a great series. Michael Kramer and Kate Reading perform for all the books so there is great consistency. They also do an excellent job!


I have bought all the books on CD except one. A Path of Daggers. For reasons unbeknownst to the cosmic order of things, this ONE book was not released in CD audio format (so I assume). It is apparently out on cassette (like what am I going to do with cassette tapes?! Ew.), but not CD.


My question is, Has anyone out there found this book on CD (unabridged only please)? If so, can I buy it from you? Just PM me if so.


If anyone can point to a place I can buy it straight out from a retailer I'd be grateful. As of yet I can't find anywhere that sells the audio CD version.


And lastly if you haven't listened to an audio book before, I highly recommend this series! The Wheel of Time is fantastically read and the medium adds a wonderful new dimension to the tale!





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I completely agree.


I haven't gotten Crossroads of Twilight either yet (because I'm only getting them off Ebay for no more than half of retail, and CoT is apparently in high demand), but The books come even more to life when hearing them read to you. These two do an incredible job of using different accents and tones for different characters and I find myself catching a lot of details I missed while reading them myself. Besides a long commute seems endurable when listening to the Wheel of Time as you cruise the traffic filled freeways.


As far as I know the company producing the CD's just recently released Crown of Swords unabridged on CD... and Path of Daggers has yet to be put on that format. I don't know why they were done in this order, but there it is.


I'm not sure of a release date for Path of Daggers, so if anyone knows, please say so. :D

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