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  1. I have a long a$$ commute to work and I own all the CD's on tape. (Except PoD... still waiting for that to be put on CD unabridged.) I love them. I've read all the books once, but I've listened to them all twice through now. Both orators do a fantastic job of changing their voices and accents to match the different characters (Especially the Seanchan accents, Very distinct.) Definitely a big recommendation for those who spend a lot of solo time riding in traffic and don't have a lot of extra time to read the books. :D Perrin learned to swing his hammer from hours in the forge.
  2. Yeah, the amount of power it takes to do things caught me ackwardly when reading KoD. Egwene is drinking mild forkroot and can only channel a tiny bit of the power. Her first class as a novice has an accepted telling her to make a ball of fire. She says she wants to smack the gal with a flow of air, but "she'd barely be able to feel it". Instead, she makes 7 small multicolored balls of fire surrounded by 7 multicolored bands all moving in different directions and swaying about. One certainly sounds like it would take more of the power to me... but not what I'd have thought. Ah well.
  3. Mat's foxhead has gone cool just from women embracing Saidar... when he was very close. I had not thought of that... BUT, he may have been distracted from it as well. Fighting for your life with over half a dozen guys will do that. It might have been as simple as Selucia showing off her fighting skills... it just doesn't seem like Thom would be so amazed by that. But then, he is very skilled at the Game of Houses... and he might see that she's doing her best to hide her abilities as a deft bodyguard from everyone (that might have produced that reaction, I suppose). Option #3 does so
  4. OK... so I'm rereading the part where Mat, Thom, Tuon, and Selucia visit the hell. When they're leaving, they get into a little scuffle outside, resulting in Mat killing 7 guys with swords and Tuon saving him by killing a woman coming at him with a knife. He turns around and sees a dozen other dead guys where Tuon, Selucia and Thom were "having fun". Thom says to Selucia (not an exact quote)"I'm an old man and sometimes I see things I know couldn't have happened." She replys cautiously, "What do you think you saw?" He says, "I can't remember now and I think that's best." She nods a
  5. Interesting idea. I doubt the BA would kill all the agents though. The BA needs information passed to them as much as any other Aes Sedai. I can see them filtering out information that they see as hurtful to the DO's cause. But then, Every Aes Sedai passes on only the information they want to... which is usually not much. However, this isn't simply a matter of sending messages that could get intercepted. Each Aes Sedai has her own personal agents... as well as the Ajahs and the Amrylin. In addition, I'd wager Moraine would put wards on any message she sent to the tower so that onl
  6. Yeah, I kept trying to see the advantages of the other Shadowspawn... just to be different. Even thought a "Grey-man" might be an option... Unfortunately there's no comparison. Gholam wins in every respect. Intelligent, Deadly, Unstopable (Unless your name is Mat Cathoun, and then you're just a problem to be dealt with), and only a few of your kind in existance? Gholam for the WIN! :twisted:
  7. Don't forget that Rand was prepared to send Min away. She refused to leave. In addition, Elayne is trying to win the Lion Throne back and Aviendha is training to become a wise one. They have other more pressing issues in their lives. Min has the time and the desire to stick by Rand's side at the moment. Those are the reasons Rand and Min (and not the other two) have been together alone for so long. I'm Catholic too, but I'd be Ok with this arrangment, if presented to me in the manner it was to Rand in the book. However, if Rand survives TG, I agree he's gonna realize that keeping 3 w
  8. Seems to me like Demandred, with info and help from the other forsaken, might actually be going for a decent sized skirmish amoung a large number of the forces of light in order to Greatly diminish their strength. Scarily, they might even pull it off. Everyone on the boards has commented for a while that the Light side has overwhelming forces vs. the Dark One at the moment. The main counter arguement is that there must be Ba-zillions of trollics hiding in Shayol Ghul. I'm NOW wondering if Demandred is going to use deception and distrust to cause a large scale skirmish amoung all the
  9. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong (as I'm sure you will), but didn't she tell the girls that AFTER she'd been through the "Wise-one" Ter'angeal and seen all the possibilities of her life? I'm at work and can't check myself, but thinking back I thought she made that statement after she's "seen" that her and Thom would get married someday.
  10. I dont think SH has much that Fain can't handle. What does Fain care if SH can smell Saidin and Saidar? He uses neither. SH is bigger and stronger than all other Myrdraal? One brush from Fain's fingers will leave him twitching in agony. One nick from his dagger will kill him in seconds. The only advantage I can see for SH is that he can run away from Fain through the shadows. That's not really a help in a fight as much as a convenient method for SH to run away from it. Fain Wins! :twisted:
  11. Most definitely Mat. He's got the luck to live in luxury and (relative) happiness. He's got the memories that make him knowledgeable despite his youth. He's got the medallion to laugh at anyone weilding the OP as he smacks them with the hard end of his spear. And he's got a winning smile that keeps the ladies giggling as they sit on his knee. Well, he's married now and although I anticipate him being faithful, I doubt it will knock the flirt out of him.
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