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Approved WK Bio (Aleeza) CC Please


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Note: Aleeza's a returning member :)


Char Name: Aleeza, ~Dark Sun Rising~


Division: Wolfkin (returning char)


Primary Weapon: Long Bow


Secondary Weapon: Quarterstaff


Nationality: Tuatha’an


Height: 5’3"


Weight: 95lbs


Hair: Bleach Blonde


Eyes: formerly blue-grey, now burnished gold


Age: 25




Aleeza is best described as waif-like. She stands only a few inches above five feet and a diet of only dried meat, edible vegetation and fruit accompanied by long hours walking through forestland had kept her thin to an almost unhealthy level. However, this is rarely visible as she prefers to hide her identity in a ragged, oversized cloak.


Her light blonde hair is kept in a single braid for traveling convenience, baring her high forehead and light eyebrows that could have been non-existent for their visibility. A certain amount of strength, found mainly in arms trained by pulling the string of a bow and legs that have seen more miles than most travel in a lifetime, is hidden by her tiny frame.


In many ways, her personality matches her diminutive body. Aleeza shirks attention, avoiding and fading into the back of crowds when at all possible. She shuns human companionship, preferring the solitary life of a lone traveler (though this is about to change).


Char History:


The question of home once more raced around Aleeza’s mind. She had had many homes and none, yet why did this place seem to fit the word better than any other? It had been years since she had been anywhere near here and had been in fact avoiding the region. Now, she could not keep herself away any longer and despite her suspicious nature towards other humans- the Kin were not exempted for this- she had learned to crave human contact over the last year’s, and those preceding it, solitude.


Not that she had been cut off from interaction with wolves. She had tried to banish them from her mind in the beginning, the first few years after she had faked her own suicide and left the Stedding, but had found it impossible. It had been a good year or so before she could resign herself to their constant contact and in the end found herself far happier for it.


How long had it been since she had last stood in these woods? The years seemed to run together like the mixture of dirt and sweat on her pale forehead. Had it been three?- or four? It couldn’t possibly have been more than four, could it? Her first year away from the Stedding had been spent putting as much distance between herself and that troubling place as possible.


The question of why she had left in the first place had slowly become clear after much reflection. Back then, she had had no sense of self or idea of where and who she was. In the midst of a people who seemed to know themselves and who and what they were, it was torture for her mind. She had spent her time with the Kin struggling to find closure with her past and find her new identity as one of the Kin and despite all their well-meaning help, they had really been powerless- it was her struggle, not theirs.


Not knowing what to do, she had left an apologetic note before leaving a scrap of her clothing attached to a tree near a cliff. And then she had fled into the night, begging the wolves who questioned what she had done not to betray the truth. While they had given her their word, wolves would not leave her alone.


It had taken months to reach the Dragonspine in Haddon Mirk, the farthest place she could go to get away from the Stedding. All the while, the wolves assaulted her with questions, desperately struggling to help her find peace within herself. Throughout the next year to year and a half, she spent her time living in the dense woods, meditating and eventually running with the pack of wolves there.


Under the tutelage of the wolves, she finally came to a sort of "pact" to combine her past, as a Tuatha’an, and her future, as a woman who could talk to wolves. Boiled down it came to this:


-I will not kill, even in the last defense of my life


-Fending off an attacker is not wrong


-Hunting is a necessity


-People are not inherently evil but strangers are not to be trusted


-If I do not forgive and forget I will eventually go utterly insane


-The Kin is who I am and I must work to be accepted into their numbers as a Sage


When she had finally come to that realization, she knew it was time to return to the Kin.


Now, some four years after leaving, Aleeza stood at the edge of the clearing and, taking a deep breath, walked into the lights.

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