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A return home and a meeting (Atten: Reki)

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OOC: Set after this one http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/70428-a-time-to-hunt-again-atten-reki-and-arinth/ The return home and getting to know one another again. 




Taia was glad to see the White Tower and her rooms would be no less welcome. She and her warder had been on the road or out of the tower for nearly three years now. She glanced over at Rekinu he was several years older, and hopefully he was wiser now. He had more battles under his belt, and she tried not to think too hard on the girls who had started to throw themselves at him. She waited till he gave her only a slight nod, in indication he was ready to go home as well. They turned there horses toward the tower and she listened for the noises of the city. Those had always calmed her, especially since she had just returned home from the Borderlands which was always a hassle. They rode through Tar Valon neither saying anything. They had had a long road and were looking forward to the comforts the tower had to offer. Being quiet was uncharacteristic of her, but she couldn't muster more then a smile here and there for people who nodded to her.The Blight had taken it's toll on both her and Reki, he had been kidnapped and tortured and it was partly her fault for not getting to him in time. She still inwardly beat herself up about it. She knew that he knew the risks when he had agreed to bond her yet she still couldn't let go of his kidnapping and she was troubled when they had to fight now. If she was honest she was afraid of losing him as she had her other warders. She should have stuck to flirting and left the bonding to her other Sister Greens. She sighed and Reki gave her a curious look. She mustered a smile for him and a small murmured,


 "Do not worry I am alright." He didn't look convinced, and she knew he could feel her disquiet through the bond, and if she knew anything about her warder he'd confront her with it later.  Reki left her at the stables he was going to do whatever it was Warders did when they returned to the tower. Probably have a drink or two with old friends and catch up on whatever gossip was going on around the place. She wanted simply to wash the grime of the road off of herself and fall asleep before Reki returned. She hadn't felt beautiful in weeks and she was used to feeling like the most beautiful person in whatever room she walked into. Now she just felt dirty, the road would make anyone lose what vanity they had. She turned her steps to the Green Ajah halls and felt a moment of quiet joy when she saw the Swords and Green tiles proclaiming which Ajah this part of the tower belonged. She nodded to some of her Sisters who expressed an intrest in knowing where she had been. She told them she'd tell them later. It wouldn't do to have a sister look tired and dirty. She sighed happily when she returned to her room. She eyed the large stake of letters that had gathered over the years away. She thought of checking them but disregarded that and decided to have a bath. She disrobed and changed into a clean dress, it was going to be on just long enough to get her to the baths and then she was going to soak and wash for a long time. 


Taia shut her eyes in bliss as the warm water closed over her, she hadn't had a bath in a long time. Since they had left Saldea most likely and that had been a year ago. She could have returned to the White Tower in a matter of weeks, but she had decided to travel overland and then she had been stopped and asked for help a few times. She and Reki had had to hide from Whitecloaks, which she had been annoyed about he had taken it in stride. He was becoming much wiser as he grew. She had yet to forgive herself for his kidnapping and torture, which was part of the reason she had hidden from the Whitecloaks rather then fight them. He had not spoken to her about it since the night she had found him or he had found her. The memories were a little hazy now. She scrubbed her arms and legs and washed the grime out of her hair. Saidar was all well and good but it didn't wash hair very well. She let herself rest for another moment or two and then got out of the bath. She dried off with the power and then dressed leaving her hair damp she had always found it easier to work with her hair when it was wet. 


Taia was combing her hair out  and reading over her mail when her door opened and Rekinu came in. He didn't look like he had done much cleaning up of himself. To forestall any talk she said. "you should go and clean yourself up." He didn't say anything to her,  but she could tell through there bond he was tired. She went back to combing out her hair and when she was done she braided it and stood. Mia had sent a letter saying she needed some information. It was on the top of the pile so she must have gotten word that Taia was returning home. She was surprised to find Reki was still standing near the door and watching her. He seemed sad she felt the prickle of tears at her eyes. She had always used tears to get information but this was different her green eyes filled with unshed tears.


"How can you look at me and still want to be my warder? I nearly let you get killed on your first real mission as my warder." She twisted away from him to get her own composer back. It would not do to allow anyone to see her upset, not even her warder. He moved then and she could hear his footfalls. When he hugged her from behind she stiffened, she didn't need comfort especially if he told her he blamed her or wanted to go to another sister. 

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