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WT Bio for Meridian Ankarin (Meridian) - CC'd by the CotL


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Basic Information
Your Handle : Meridian
Full names of WT characters you already own and their status
(active/retired/dead): N/A

Character Information

Name (first and last) of this character: Meridian Ankarin
State whether this is a Traditional or a Salidar character: Traditional
Age of this character * (Traditional = 14-19 / Salidar = 20-70): 16
(* Returning / Full AS character: age in main time line)
Name of country where this character is from: Cairhien

Hair: Dark brown hair, wavy and thick, occasionally tending to unruly
Eyes: Brown eyes with golden highlights depending on the reflection of the light
Skin: Pale Skin
Height: 5'1"
Voice: warm, mid-range: she'll never be a mezzo-soprano. Her speaking voice is a bit lower than is traditionally considered beautiful for a female, but it lends more confidence to what she says. She does not enjoy singing.

Special Skills: Meridian does not have special skills yet, but in
terms of her dreams and aspirations she wants to make a difference for
good in the world. On a more personal level, she dreams of one day
training with a sword.
Knowledge Weakness: Domestic skills (cooking, embroidery, etc) – she’s been taught the theory, but she cannot seem to make it actually work in practice.
Physical Weakness: Susceptible to cold (illnesses tend to settle in her lungs making it difficult and sometimes painful to breathe, also they tend to linger and get to know her personally.)
Personality weakness: While her cautiousness is the result of
upbringing and training, it can lead her into not forming/slowly
forming friendships that might otherwise be beneficial. Likewise, if
she misjudges a 'friend' her sense of loyalty/determination may lead
her down the wrong path. However, once she realizes her errors, she
attempts to fix them boldly. Her greatest fear is failure.

Cautious: particularly when developing friendships.
Loyal: to those she deems friends.
Fierce: in aiding the helpless.
Determined: this sometimes makes her appear defiant.
Temper: generally in control, but things tend to pile up internally—when she does lose her temper the resultant flare-up is usually hot, but of short duration.
Stubborn: related to determination, but she resists outside attempts to sway her mind, unless she can clearly see the reasons behind the suggestions being made/orders being given.
Proud: in things in which she is confident of her skill (like academic learning). She needs to accept that people who seem to be at a disadvantage, due to background or circumstances, still have knowledge that can be useful to her.

Meridian Ankarin is the fifth child of Charick and Ileniya Ankarin,
current Heads of the very minor House Ankarin situated on the
outskirts of the of the “noble district” of the capital city,
Cairhien.She is the third daughter of a mother dedicated to making
something more of their family name; however, due to the size of the
family relative to their income and status as a minor House, Meridian
is not likely to be sought out as a good political investment by those
looking to advance their own House names through the devious
machinations of Daes Dae’mar. Her education, while not profound, has
been thorough. Although her mother has devoted time and energy to
intensive instruction in domestic skills, Meridian has no talent with
cookery or embroidery despite years of determinedly following orders,
and while she can accompany a musician, she does not have the ability
and innate flair/self-confidence to shine as a solo performer.
However, she avidly absorbs more academic knowledge and enjoys
observing the people around her.

Shortly after her twelfth birthday, Meridian’s mother discovered her
attempting to convince her two older brothers to teach her how to
fight with a sword. The result of this left Meridian with an aversion
to sitting for several days and has shown her the necessity of hiding
her wishes in this regard. She did not give up immediately, but her
brothers refused to oppose the commands of their mother.  Whenever she
could break away from chores or lessons of her own, she watched her
brothers closely and hoped that at some point in the future she would
be able to make choices of her own about her life.  But for now, while
under her family’s roof, her daily activities were subject to her
parents’ supervision and approval.  In academic studies, particularly
that of history, Meridian found a brief escape from the mundane
repetition of attempting to provide a passable dinner under the
watchful eye of her mother and sometimes snide remarks of her more
domestically inclined sisters.

Whenever she did have some free time, Meridian liked climbing trees.
Perched up in the leafy branches of an elderly oak with the horizon
stretched in front of her she could close her eyes and imagine
whatever she liked. Most of the time these daydreams tended to revolve
around a heron-marked blade, though she did lecture herself sternly
about the reality of a woman ever being a blademaster. She has looked
for records of such a thing, but has not had any luck so far in that

The most notable deviation from normal routine in the life of the
Ankarin household was the visit of an Aes Sedai accompanied by her
Warder. Meridian watched them both speaking with her mother, and
wondered idly what the purpose behind the visit was. Of course, one
does not lightly inquire into the business of the White Tower, so she
did not dream of asking. A couple days later, before leaving, the Aes
Sedai offered to test the daughters of the household to see if they
could learn to channel. Following instructions, Meridian did manage to
make a small jewel flash with light. A short time later, she was sent
upstairs to pack her things. Only as she was rolling her second-best
dark dress into a small bundle did she begin to wonder if she could
actually be an Aes Sedai herself one day. This made her feel almost
sick. However, she had no time to think about it. The White Tower does
not wait for anyone, and neither would the woman with the ageless face
downstairs with her family. She said goodbye to her family feeling as
if she was a spectator in her own body.

Just that quickly it seemed that life could change. Meridian felt a
pang at leaving her family behind. Her family could be irritating, but
they did care about her. She knew they did. She wondered if she would
choke with excitement. She had never been outside of Cairhien before,
and now here she was, leaving home on the adventure of a lifetime. If
Meridian was to be honest with herself, then she would have to admit
that she was also scared. There were stories about Aes Sedai.




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