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As a fan that has lived with active cancer, liposarcoma, for 11 years, I've decided to write to thank you for your entertaining Wheel of Time series and to wish you the best with your fight against Amyloidosis. Not sure if this message will reach you but if it does, may it provide hope. I have undergone 8 painful thoracic operations to remove metastic tumors from my lungs. Fighting for survival is most important, as important as the surgeons scalpel. Concentrate on the reasons for living, things as simple as waiting to finish your last book and those of King's Gunslinger series. These have helped me. As simple as it seems, your books, coupled with the other positive things in my life have pushed me to continue the fight. Please do the same. And, thank you for helping me. :)

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Sounds like it's been a tough time for you in the last 11 years, Steve. Wish you all the best.


I don't know if RJ reads the forum occasionaly, but he does read the Blog comments. So if you have no already, you may wish to post there. You'll find it top right of screen.


In the meantime... maybe some of the discussions on the book forums will keep your mind off things. Or try some sillyness on Fiddlesticks for a bit of distraction :)

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nods...DM is an awsome place ...very friendly, suportive, interesting and addictive. Before i found it i never had thougth one could get so much out of beeing part of a online comunity *s*


and good luck either way on figthing your disease, there are forums on here who also have discusions on what other books are good ones...so migth find some tips there for reading material if you need *s*

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