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I started reading the WoT series many turns of the wheel ago (ok, 'round 91), but stopped reading sometime around Winter's Heart. I have it in hardcover, but honestly can't remember if I read it or not!


I saw Knife of Dreams on display at a local bookstore a month or so ago, and it tweaked my interest. I went back to Winter's Heart, then Path of Daggers, but couldn't remember which end was up. So, I took the plunge, dug out Eye of the World and started over!


Wow, no wonder we all got hooked on this series. It was an incredible read. Rand and Mat's journey to Camelyn was tense. The whole ending with the Green Man was heart pounding. Even essentially knowing the ending didn't change any of that.


So, here I am, 14yrs behind, hoping to talk about it all!

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Guest Egwene

Hi Guiness... how does the advert go...'good things come to those that wait' :D Welcome!


Hope you enjoy catching up on all those lost years! If you have read all the books have a look in on the book discussion forum (not sure from your post if you've got through them yet). Lot's of polls where you can vote for your favourite this that and the other..lol. If you haven't gone through the books yet, maybe avoid reading most of the threads on there for the time being, unless you don't care about spoilers. Or put up your own topic and add a request for 'no spoilers'


The rest of the boards should be safe from WoT :wink:


Have a great time browsing and posting!!

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Band of the Red Hand recruiting seems to be fast and furious!


Egwene - I have read the books up to Winter's Heart. But I really don't remember them - it's been over 10 years since I read EotW. I've looked in the WoT discussion forum, but am being careful because I HATE spoilers.


I just found The Strike at Shayol Ghul over at the TOR website, and am reading it now.

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