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Approved WK Bio (Anabel Leeson) - CC'd by FL


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Name: Anabel Leeson


Age: 19


Born: Andor


Parents: Glora and Aaron, farmers. Long dead.


Hair: Light Blond


Eyes: Blue


Height: 5’7”


Build: Athletic


Appearance and Clothing: She wears anything comfortable. She used to be quite into fashion, but when she began moving with the pack fashion took a back seat to functionality


Background: Anabel grew up the only child to a couple that would have been happy with 12 kids. Because of that she was somewhat spoiled and pampered. She was an overall good kid though, with loving parents and from a community that had a lot of kids her age to play with and learn from. She took up a needle and thread early and soon after had taken over any sewing to be done in the house. She enjoyed the task and had a talent for it. She embroidered their clothes and made a little coin from time to time helping out other people they knew but her life was simple and she was happy that way.


Life didn’t start to change until she was 14. She started having vivid dreams that she could recall with surprising clarity the morning after. Her mother and father began to get worried after their daughter’s talk about her dreams started to turn heads in the village. She grew more and more isolated as the people around her didn’t understand about her dreams. She thought they were fun and interesting and wanted to talk to other people about it, but after they realized that the stories she was telling were really happening in the world, people began backing away from her. (Her stories were verified a few times by people passing through telling of events in the world.) She was determined to make people understand though so she refused to stop talking about it. A little after her 15th birthday she got pushed around by some of the kids, calling her a darkfriend and a creature of shadow. She didn’t understand until she got home and her mother made her look in the mirror. Her eyes had gone wolfish. She didn’t understand what it meant or what was happening, but that night as her parent’s slept, she left a note and snuck out, leaving her village forever.


She wasn’t at all surprised when a wolf came out of the trees as she began walking on the road. It simply loped up beside her and began talking. In fact, it was the same wolf from her dreams and though she had never seen it in person before, she understood that he was there to protect her now that she was no longer with her two legged protectors. He had noticed the change in her personality since they had first began meeting in the Dream World and had been saddened by her growing apprehension and depression. He hoped that with her joining him she would become happy again.


And she was. She sent letters back to her family often as she traveled but she was never in one place for too long. The wolves told her about others of her kind, but she wasn’t keen on meeting anyone else. She had been hurt by the people she had grown up with and she was determined to make it on her own. The wolves understood her nature far better than she did though and they had other idea. One night as she was tending her fire a man had shown up. She knew the wolves had set up the meeting and she just bowed her head to the inevitable at that point. It was impossible to argue with wolves anyway.


She became friends with the man who was quite a few years older than her. He’d been around the wolves for far longer than she and he began teaching her a little. They made their way leisurely. Jorah was more of a loner than a people person and Anabel grew to know him quite well as they journeyed. In fact, a strong relationship developed between them and after that, wherever he went, she went. Though they both had the ability to talk to wolves, they rarely saw them or spoke to them. Anabel saw them in her dreams, but Jorah’s close companion had died not long before they met and the packs gave him a wide berth because of the pain he felt at seeing them. They didn’t understand the complexity of his grief but they knew that they aggravated it so they stayed away until such a time as he was ready for them.


Over the next year Anabel came to realize she was in love with Jorah and though he was older than her by a good many years, he felt the same. Their lives were outside regular society now so there were no thoughts of marriage or vows, but they lived as man and wife. At 17, events in the world began to turn though and she and Jorah were asked to work as messengers for Manetheren. It was as close to a place to call home as any, a place where the packs had come together and those of their kind were gathered in one of the few places that offered any real sanctuary, so they both agreed to it.


The work was hard and almost constant as dark times overtook them. When Manethern was destroyed Anabel and Joran were far away. Word came to them in the dreams of where others of the Wolfkin were meeting and they set out to join them. Grief followed in their footsteps as word of Manethern began to reach the world, but the continued on. They hired a boat to take them to one of the meetings, but the ship collided with something and it began to sink. Joran and Anabel were separated, both making their way to opposite sides of the river.


Anabel knew they would meet in a few days at the crossing so she continued on, alone and greatly troubled by events of the world. That night as she stared into the fire with bloodshot eyes, she was attacked. She was no Ranger to defend herself and she was easy enough to take down, outnumbered as she was.


She woke in a hunting cabin, one that long abandonment had abused and mistreated. Dead leafs covered the floor and water stains could be seen from a leaky roof that had never been fixed. When consciousness came to her completely, they began torturing her. At first, no questions were asked, but then they started asking about her brethren; questions about how they were organized and mostly, their current location. She held off as best she could, hoping that the others would be able to get to her in time, to save her from all of it. As she withheld though, her captures began talking about other things.. about how she would tell them anything they wanted if they just put pressure on the right spots. A bout of groping and her wild protests was interrupted by someone arriving at the cabin. It wasn’t her salvation and as the newcomer began talking with the others, she started to think about what they were doing and feared that if they carried out their threats, she just might tell them anything to make them stop.


She never saw the face of the newcomer, only heard his voice, but the words spoken made her fearful. There was a coldness to the tone that made her think no matter what happened, this person wouldn’t lose any sleep over what they did to her. But then the newcomer ordered them all to leave their hideout to join in on a raid. They had found the Joran and he had been joined by others and they were making their way towards them. She had thrashed around at the news, trying to get herself free but it was no use. When asked what to do with her, the new arrival had laughed and said he had just the thing for her. A vacuole. She didn’t know what that was and neither did her capture. The newcomer explained it was a place where time ran strange and that would disappear completely sometimes without warning. They weren’t good to use with people because they were unreliable but she wasn’t important enough to be concerned with. He needed to test it and see what it would do and she would serve well enough for such a test. They didn’t need her anyway really with the others to choose from. The voices stopped then and she felt eyes on her. Her torture began anew, but this time continued until she lost consciousness.


She woke in a place without sound. Smooth gray walls surrounded her and though there was no light source, there was perpetually dim lighting. Nothing else except a skin of water that she had taken a careful sip from and no more. There was no door, no way out, no escape. She threw herself on the wall, kicked and hammered her fists until her abused flesh cried out in blood but it did no good. Manetheren was dead and she would die in this little cell while the love of her life would die trying to reach her, never knowing what happened to her.


Time passed and there was no change. There were no voices and her dreams were only the remembered torture of the previous nights. No wolves came to her aid and Jorah wasn’t coming either. She was on her own in a room without window or door; without food and with little water. She started daydreaming about Jorah, about the people they knew and the packs, but when she opened her eyes she was still in the same place.


She couldn’t tell how long she stayed like that, but it came to an end with no warning that she knew of. She had been sleeping and woke to find herself falling into a River. She barely made it to shore, but she managed. Outside of her prison and able to move forward again, she stumbled to her feet with little strength remaining. She had to warn someone. Help had to be sent to Manetheren. No, Manetheren was gone. Was she getting them help or trying to find the others? She cried out in pain and panic because she could not longer remember what she had been sent for or where she was to go. She was dazed and a bit crazed from dehydration and starvation though she was too far gone to recognize the signs. She felt for wolves but couldn’t find any close by. That meant there were probably people close, a village or a town. Help! She could get help for… someone. She stumbled in and out of consciousness, picking herself back up each time she fell until she found the village she had been looking for. Something wasn’t right, but her mind couldn’t focus on it. She didn’t recognize anyone, but she grabbed the first person and told them to send word. Manetheren was in trouble, she needed her allies.


She slept after she had been found, drugged with little to calm her when she woke on occasion. The woman that sat with her looked sadly upon her and simply shushed her back to sleep each time she woke.


In her mind, she finally heard the wolves. She spoke to them, asking for her friends by name, but they were long gone. Though the two legs wouldn’t tell her, the wolves did. Her world was gone. The other’s didn’t believe her and as soon as she was well she left the village with nothing but the clothes on her back. The wolves came to her then, surrounding her and as she fell to the ground each night in tears, they promised to take her someplace safe. They called her Timewalker and her own name hurt too much to speak it. When she heard her name on other’s lips it made her think of a rhyme Jorah used to say and so she stopped using it altogether. She goes by Time or Timewalker now.





Anabel has a strong caring personality. It takes a lot to offend her and she would continue to be hurt by people if her friends didn’t step in and make sure the wrong type didn’t mess with her too much. She’s naïve because most of the wandering she has done has been with Joran and the wolves and even her experiences in her village didn’t harden her when it came to the people she knew. It is simply in her nature to forgive and move on. Only fear of what would happen to her parents made her leave the village in the first place. She is good at sewing and good with plants from her years growing up on the farm, but she has never held a weapon for more than practice and though she can be impulsively brave, the idea of being in an actual fight terrifies her.



Training: Though Joran began her training as a tracker, they never completed it and once she gets back into life, she’ll want to try another calling, perhaps healing since she no longer wants to follow her previous life’s path.


Thoughts on the Vacuole and the past:


Well, I’m not sure if there is anything I can do to help with this one, except to say that the Vacuoles were very rare and they weren’t reliable so no one in their right mind would really store anything valuable in one. They were used for experiments (though what kind I can’t find any reference to) and time runs different in them. (Mogheidien is held in one in CoS and they comment on it there) It can run faster or slower. They also disappear with no warning and anything that was in them is lost for good. I could always work into my bio that someone commented on the fact that they had lost almost all the know vacuoles at that point if It would help :P

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