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Approved Warders Bio for Geldon Thrane [Band Stamp]


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Character’s name: Geldon Thrane

Age (must be 16 - 21): 17

Place of Origin (must be from the mainland of Randland): Camelyn

Hair Color: Red (strawberry blonde)

Eye Color: Green

Height: 6'0"

Weight:212 lbs.

Brief History: Geldon was watching his little sisters play off the side of the road while his mother and father traded with the various people. his mother was a fairly successful merchant and his father a former merchant guard as such Geldon could spar reasonably well with his father he was catching on quick.

He went with his sisters 4 years later on his sixteenth birthday to tar valon for their training and he has been living in the city on their support since. His mother asked him to look after them but he didnt know much about aes sedai. He eventually asked around and found out about warders and decided to make good on his mothers request.

He seeks out a way to enter the white tower training yards and become a warder so he will be able to protect his sisters from any dangers they cant handle on their own. Unbeknownst to anyone other than himself he also seeks a woman for him to love and to marry before his time on this world is over.

As far as he knows his mother and father still traverse the world and sell wares to travelers. He has seen them once thus far on their yearly trip to tar valon. His mother wasnt happy that he was simply working as a dock worker for the time being he tried to explain that the warders dont take just anyone. He is saving money and trying, in secret of course to find a wife and a way into warder training.

He actually had no intention of being his sisters warders just at having the possibility to defend them against the apparently growing shadow in the rest of the world. maybe he would find a sister willing to marry or meet a fabled green sister their actions with these gaidin seem to be rather... interesting...

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