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To Open A Book (Attn: Maurelle)

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Kira headed to the classroom.  She had taught a reading class for a novice, and was called upon to teach it again.  This time, however, her student was training to be a warder.  Kira was given the name of the student - Tywin.  Tywin was from Andor, and Kira wasn't told what brought the student to Tar Valon.  Kira was interested though.  It would be the first time she was meeting a warder to be.  Kira took the primer out of her back along with a pen, some paper, and some ink.  She set it down on the other side of the table.


With her previous student, Kira had sat next to her, but Kira had spent some extra time preparing the lesson today, because she thought that sitting next to a male would be inappropriate.  Kira also hadn't seen a male in many years, with the exception of some of the older men that served in the tower.  Kira was 25 and she hoped the age difference would be great enough that she didn't find her new student attractive, or otherwise she would have to ask to be replaced as a teacher.  Kira enjoyed teaching reading and didn't want to do that.


Kira sighed and picked up a book that she had been reading.  Kira didn't read much, but she had gotten more into it in the past few weeks.  She had stopped writing letters to her parents, and had turned to books instead.


"Maybe I should consider the Brown Ajah as well," Kira thought as she heard someone approaching.


Thinking this was her student, Kira put the book down and stood to greet Tywin.


OOC: Please RP your characters thoughts on the class and entering the classroom.  Have fun :happy:

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Tywin had hid it as long as he could. He had sort of learned what his name looked like in self defense, but when the schedule had changed and he had been forced to ask what the note had said...A wince replaced the natural smile on his face. Thankfully, Kilrin hadn't broadcast the reason she and the other guardsmen/warders were being so hard on him. But the other students could pick on the hostility and it had translated to a combination of quiet shunning and harassment. Not being able to read and having it found out... Kilrin was right to send him to the class.


He rolled his head between his shoulders and shoved his hands in his pockets as he walked deeper into the tower. Tywin just wished she had found another member of the guards, or, Light, a warder, to teach it instead.According to Kilrin, the only person open to teach the class was an Accepted. After what had passed between him and Kathleen Sedai, he had expected to be thrown out on his bum. He was getting to the point he almost wished they had. He had blown any chance of gaining an Aes Sedai to bond him and the hidden current of hostility among the guards was slowly driving him away.


Light green eyes study the doorway of the classroom. Kilrin had drilled the proper etiquette into his head with the sharp end of her sword, so to speak. One toe out of line and he knew not even the unique set of skills he brought would be enough to keep him here. He dusted his uniform off and walked into the room. A young woman stood in the room wearing the white dress with seven different colored bands that told him she was an Accepted. He inclined his head in respect. Treat them with near the same respect as an Aes Sedai- just a hair less, mind you. The Master at Arms' voice rang in his head.


"Accepted," he greeted her. His voice was deep a smooth-a gleeman's voice if untrained.

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Kira smiled and gestured to the chair across from the desk.  She noted that the young man was very respectful and said, "Yes, I am the Accepted Kira and you must be Tywin.  Please take a seat and we will get started."


Kira waited until Twin had sat down before continuing to speak. "Now, I'll be honest with you.  This might be hard and frustrating, but keep trying and you will get it.  Here is how things will work.  We'll start off learning letters and their sounds, and then we will move on to reading simple three letter words.  We'll get into more complicated words as you move on and eventually we'll read some stories.  We'll also practice some writing as well.  If you feel like we are going to slow or too fast, please let me know and we'll adjust accordingly."


Kira picked a small book out of the small stack she had brought in and opened to the first page before setting it in front of Tywin "This is a primer.  We will use it to start learning letters."

Kira sat down across from Tywin and opened the book to the first page. "This is the letter A." Kira began speaking telling Tywin how the letter A sounded and even told him some words that started with the letter.  Kira moved through all the letters, stopping to have Tywin repeat them and their sounds.  They worked through all the letters before stopping and then Kira asked, "Are you understanding? Am I going too fast for you?"


OOC: RP your response - is Tywin understanding the letters? Is he getting frustrated? Then respond to Kira's question and ask any that he might have.

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