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The Fire Rod in APOD (and Elayne's Flower)

A Trite Pun

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I finally figured two things out and wanted to share.  In APOD, Elayne is examining the ter'angreal found in Ebou Dar.  One is a rod that makes her think of Fire:


"She was alone; since the helmet, she had tried to do her studying away from the others.  The heat of the rod made her think of Fire... Blinking, she opened here eyes [...] 'What happened?' Elayne demanded, and Nynaeve shook her head grimly.  'You don't want to know.' Her lips twitched"


This always bothered me, maybe because I have a dirty mind, but I really wanted to know what RJ had happen off screen.  I read a thread where people shared various opinions on what happened, all dirty.  However, I was never sure or satisfied with their ideas.  Recently I've been doing a full re-read, and came across this in WH.  I had never really thought about it, it just seemed something Birgitte would say, and something Aviendha would find funny, and I left it at that.  This is Birgitte when she's pissed off about Elayne celebrating bonding a new warder:


" 'Lead me to this oosquai of yours, Aviendha.  I don't know about you two, but I intend to get drunk enough to ... well ... to take off my clothes and dance on the table.  And not a hair drunker.' Min did not understand that at all, or why Aviendha stared at Birgitte and suddenly begin laughing about it being 'a wonderful joke,' "


I'll let you put two and two together  :wink:


And on a cuter note.  Remember how Rand leaves Elayne a flower in WH after the sex good times?  Remember back in TSR?  Rand tried to make Elayne a flower out of the feathers from his mattress in the Stone of Tear and failed because he couldn't grasp saidin. But in WH, he makes her one to remember him.  A definite awww moment.

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