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Names for Fades

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(This doesn't seem quuuite like a "simple question" to me, since it may not even have a real answer, hence the new topic. I apologize if I am mistaken on that count.)


Despite the fact that they are all identical, apparently (that is, if I'm remembering correctly from The World of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time) Fades are given names, specifically in the Trolloc language (leaving aside "Superfade" Shaidar Haran's name being Old Tongue). I've been looking around the past few days for possible names or at least words that could be used as names, but have not had what I would call success. So far, I've literally only been able to find eight words. Ba'alzamon, of course, Djevik K'Shar ("Dying Ground"), "Vlja daeg roghda" ("put sword down"), and "Murdru Kar" (meaning unknown to me). There's also the "clan names", but, well, those are just slightly altered names for various other creatures ("Dhai'mon", anyone) and don't really 'fit' what I'm looking for.


For the record, the reason I'm interested is the fact that in the D&D campaign I am currently GMing for, I am using a few elements of Wheel of Time for the setting, notably Shadowspawn, and most notably one particular Myrddraal (with class levels) that I plan to be a recurring antagonist. It would thus be convenient if this Fade had a name, but I have found myself largely stymied in finding a good one. I could work with the handful-and-a-half of words I've found so far, and/or go outside the Trolloc language to figure out a name for it, but if anyone has more information than I have been able to locate in this regard, it would be appreciated.

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