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Reason to hate (Solo Rp)

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Rasheta and Visar were walking through Tar Valon, he had convinced her to join him at a tavern for a drink. She didn’t usually drink too much these days, she supposed she had gotten harder over the years rather then softer. She missed her more carefree days, yet she didn’t at the same time. She had things that needed doing, she also stood ready for the Last Battle, and that took lots of pratice with her sisters in weaves. Visar squeezed her arm and she realized she’d been ignoring him and he’d asked her a question. She paused and asked, “What did you say?” He smiled at her and repeated his comment.


“You are too lost in thought Aes Sedai here is the tavern.” She nodded and made a motion for him to lead on. It was habit now she always followed the warder into a room you never knew what would be waiting for you inside the room. She smiled at the familiar smell of a tavern and the noise that came with it. She really had been to focused lately and it was probably good that she was out now. She relaxed and Visar led her to a table in the back of the room and ordered some drinks for them.


Rasheta had relaxed a bit and was joking with Visar when she noticed a commotion at the door and Taia swept into the room. The woman could certainly “sweep” into a room, she made it look like a grand entrance. Oddly no one seemed to mind she was smiling benevolently at the room. Rasheta stiffened and glanced at Visar. He was smiling she noticed that Rekinu was with Taia. Rasheta had forgotten that the two were friends. Visar had told her that he enjoyed the other man’s company, she should have remembered. She watched Taia hang on the arm of her warder as she walked through the room. Rasheta wasn’t sure why the man let Taia hang over him like that. He was a person not a thing, she glared at Visar and he was trying not to look guilty but she could feel through the bond that he had known that Taia and Rekinu would be here at the same time. She sighed and tried to be civil to the other warder but her tone was frosty when she greeted him.


“Hello Rekinu. It is good to see you.” Mentally she added, Would have been better without your Aes Sedai. She refrained from saying that however and moved her chair to allow the other two to sit. She glanced at Taia and the infernal woman was smiling and seemed to be enjoying this whole experience.  Rasheta asked her kindly, “Are you planning to bond another Warder sister?” Rasheta should have just shut up, but the two had been at odds for so long it seemed a shame to stop now.


Rasheta Ardashir

Green Sitter


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Taia was getting ready to leave the tower, not on an excursion this time, she had been invited out by Reki he seemed very excited about it. She wasn’t going to disappoint him, she brushed her hair again and then braided it. She took out some earrings, in green of course, and then put a necklace on grabbed her shawl and left her room to seek out her warder, who wasn’t far, he was getting ready to go out as well in his room. She knocked and waited till he called her to come in. She pushed the door open and watched his reaction, she knew she looked even better then she had when she had taken him to meet the Ajah head. His eyes widened as he took her in and he coughed to say that she looked beautiful. She smiled and thanked him. “Come on warder mine where are we going?” He seemed to shake himself and focused on her. He told her that they were just going to a tavern to meet with a friend of his. She raised her eye brows at him and asked, “Are you introducing me so I can bond someone else?” He seemed shocked by that and shook his head she nodded “Good. It would have to be special circumstances for me to bond again. Come on now we don’t want to be late.”


They walked through Tar Valon and Taia and Reki talked about meaningless things she held onto his arm as they walked. The Tavern they went too was one Taia hadn’t been to in awhile. Reki opened the door for her and she walked in smiling the room was familiar the loud noise, the drinking and gambling in the corner, it was all as she remembered. She and Reki made there way through the room and Taia noticed they were going toward a table in the back of the room Reki was excited and she noticed that Rasheta and her warder were sitting there. Taia sighed inwardly but kept the smile on her face. Rasheta spoke coolly to Reki and if looks could kill Reki would need another bonded. Taia simply sat down and Reki ordered her a drink. She was not going to stay long if she could help it. Rasheta asked her in a mocking voice,


“Are you planning to bond another Warder sister?”


Taia sighed, and shook her head “No I have the only one I need. If our head asks me to bond again of course I will consider it.” She leaned over the table and said softly, “When are you going to let us at least be cordial to each other?” Taia didn’t like Rasheta but she could be friendly if she had to be.


Rasheta glared at her and answered, “Probably never, you know why.” Taia sighed yes she did know why. She had thought that everyone in the tower knew her nature but Rasheta was younger then Taia was and had probably not paid attention. Taia could tell Reki was curious and Visar was trying not to ask. She said,


“Come on we can talk about it in a private room.” Rasheta shook her head and waved Taia away, “Go away I will tell Visar later.” Taia got one of the private rooms and warded it against eavesdropping and started the story.


Taia Misna

Green Sister

Telling a Story.

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Rasheta went back to the tower and settled into her rooms with Visar following, he had radiated curiosity since they had left the Inn. She knew she'd have to explain it sooner or later. Her hatred ran deep, Taia seemed to enjoy provoking her and Rasheta got easily annoyed by that. She shook out her long black hair and started re-braiding it. She sighed when Visar sat across from her and looked at her expectantly. "Alright, I'll tell you. I don't suppose it would be good for you to hear just Taia's side of things from Rekinu." She took a deep breath and settled back  in her chair leaving her hair half braided.


"I was a newly raised sister the Greens require a certain amount of," she paused and smiled ruefully, "extra training before they consider you a truely raised Green. It is all going toward the Last Battle we have to be ready to ride with the Dragon." Rasheta knew many of the Greens were interested in riding next to the Dragon himself to prove that the Aes Sedai could be helpful in battle. She was one of those and she had to grudgingly admit Taia was as well. She continued talking "Taia made my life extremely hard for that time of training, more so then we usually do. She has a sense of humor that is always there she is rarely serious. It is." She paused looking for the right word, "difficult to carry on with training when nothing but laughter follows you wherever you go. Even if what you are doing is not funny. Taia would laugh while she boiled the blood out of someone."


Rasheta shuddered and Visar raised one of his eye brows, she smiled. "I know dear, just that isn't enough to hate her. We all make it hard on those who have just joined to make sure they won't break in battle. I don't really hold her taunts and laughter against her. Although it does worry me that she is unstable. No one should laugh when they teach the weave boil." She shuddered again but continued,


"Shortly after I was fully raised I found my warder." She and Visar had talked about Adrien at some length and Visar carried one of Adrien's weapons. Still she felt a little uncomfortable talking about him to Visar since now Visar was her world. She continued on though. "Taia made it her mission to flirt with Adrian whenever she could. You have seen Taia she is beautiful. She tried to steal him many times. I started to hold that against her. Then I found her in the borderlands with two Warders she had just bonded we all went to the blight. I thought that we could handle things we were both fully raised and battle ready sisters. The blight is not to be taken lightly however." Visar looked grave she could tell he was remembering the time they spent there. It had tested both of them, they had lived through it but she was sure it still gave Visar some night terrors. She sat next to him and he put his arms around her as she tucked her feet up on the couch he was sitting on to continue her story.


"While we were there both Taia's warders were killed and through that I think she lost her will to live and she tried to kill herself. She stopped using the power and Adrian went to help her. I didn't want him to go, but he always had his own sense of honor and she was a sister of the tower. She was simply sitting over the body of one of her warders waiting for the end. I followed him and shortly after Adrian was killed." She paused and Visar looked confused. Rasheta sighed. "because Taia refused to help me Adrian died she might as well have killed him herself. She is back to being her flirty fun self and seems not to suffer at all. That is why I do not like her."


Rasheta Ardashir

Green Sitter

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