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I need help finding something

Guest QuintanHall

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Guest QuintanHall

There is a certain time when Rand encounters a banner with a swordsman surrounded by a number of other swordsman. The meaning behind it is that when you are surrounded by multiple enemies, it is best to pick the ones you want to fight rather than fight them all at once. PLEASE help me find where this is in the series. I believe he is talking to Bashere about it. Also I believe that maybe Cadsuane sees it (or maybe Egwene in the World of Dreams) and remarks that the banner doesn't do anything for his sanity or the fact that he needs to be hard but not brittle and so on (so it might possibly be one of the wise ones who encounters it) Ive narrowed it down to before the rogue asha'man attack. I think it could possibly be around the time rand decides to deal with the seanchan after Illian. Maybe even before that.

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