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Disney Month: W3- Disney's Career Launchers

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I thought this might be fun!  Let's talk about how Disney launches a life-long career for it's kids! Whether it's the Mickey Mouse Club or one of the new set of sitcoms aimed at tweens, we've seen careers explode from Disney. 



Because I was raised on watching vintage things (and that was in the 80's, so Vintage at the time was 50-60's), I am very familiar with Annette Funicello (who just passed away recently. ::( ) and the string of movies she did with Frankie Avalon well after retiring their mouse ears: 





And we can blame the MMC for these folks filling the gossip columns... I trust you'll know who they are:







This is the crew I was watching as a 'Tween:






Wow, that's good for making me feel old. 5 of the folks in the picture above left the MMC to become a singing group called The Party. 












OK, and off of that tangent, we can also throw out Miley, Zendaya (who was just on Dancing with the Stars this season), Chelsea Kane/Staub (whatever her name is!), Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez....



We can do this for a while, so... Let's do it! 



Who else can owe their "big break" to Disney? 

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