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The Calm of Song (Open)


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Name: Liam

Age: 19

Appearance: Five foot ten inches tall. He has green eyes and shoulder length black hair that frames an always smiling face. Like all tinkers he wears brightly coloured outfits but usually prefers red to any other. With a slim and agile build he is always the first choice for a dance, if he is not singing or
playing the fiddle

Background: Son to Broda Mahdi, the seeker for the band and his wife Colly. He has been brought up with the Way of the Leaf . Unlike most Tuatha’an Liam has no problem dealing with strangers, much like his father. Since the Aiel war, their numbers have grown due to people who have seen too much blood shed in their lives and are now seeking a more peaceful way to live. However much to the despair of Broda and the rest of the tinkers, some of these people eventually felt the need to return to a ‘steady’ life. Stubborn to let anyone loose their way, the band usually accompanies those people to as close to their village as they dare in the hopes that the leavers will remain faithful although the Tuatha’an will not force anyone to stay who does not want to It is due to this that the band now rests not far from Cairhien.


Liam walked over to the on-going merriment among the wagons after seeing off another who could not hold onto the Way of the Leaf . Idly patting the head of one of the huge mastifs , Liam thought of what his father always told him; that 'the way of the leaf is for everyone just some live further from the tree' but with people always leaving the wagons, maybe he was wrong. Pity welled up inside him for those who could not find a sense of peace but it was soon replaced with joy for all those around him who had. Liam had always walked as if his next step would turn into a dance and on this occasion it did. He was swept up in the twirling of skirts and the clap of hands and soon he began to loose himself to the beat of the music.

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