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Daughter of the Nine Moons: The Fallout


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It is time to explain just what happened in the last Calder post of the Tanchico RP.


The development of gunpowder weapons has been planned since 2009, but it has taken this long to get to the point where it can begin.  You may have figured out that Pahl Ebersol was created to work on research and development of gunpowder weaponry.  His main purpose will be to occasionally give an update on where the technology stands.


What does gunpowder weapons development mean to you?  Not a thing.  There will be no use of gunpowder by any PCs at any time.  I will not authorize anything that calls for its use.  I will not approve any bio that has anything that looks like a translatable skill to use of gunpowder weapons.  Likewise, it is highly unlikely that you will be involved in any testing of anything, so don't write as if you have.  I will organize RPs on occasion where you will be able to participate in something involving it, but outside of these, gunpowder use in RPs will not be allowed.


All that being said, it will be pretty common knowledge that something is being done.  There will be noise, smoke, fire, and the smell of burnt gunpowder.  Feel free to note this in RPs.


If you have any questions, post 'em here and I'll answer as I can.

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