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Seeking help with new rpg forum~


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Hi, everyone :)

I hope I'm posting this in the right place, as I wasn't able to create a new topic on the writer's board.


Well, as the title states it I am in need of help with my newly created rpg forum. I've been creating a new fantasy world on my own so far,

and doing it on my own is a bit heavy since I have the university as well -_-


Anyway, the world is called Avalos :) I've got the basic timeline down and the names of all the countries so far. And a few other ideas floating around.

I've also started on one of the major religions as well. There's also four guilds..Religion, Mage, Warrior, and Technology guild ;)

The world is a bit like our own but more like the medieval age. The guilds are secret to the rest of the world, and they're located in hidden countries in which they govern. There's magical borders that keep unautherized people out.


If anyone is interested in helping out, let me know here or through pm :)



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What kind of races/monsters are there? What relationship do these secret guilds have to eachother? You could have them in a 4-way war hidden from the eyes of others, a cold-war kind of setting of intrigue, espionage and covert operations. Or they could all be allied, trade openly with eachother and secretly control Avalos through trade monopolies and puppet monarchs.


I would also concider a fifth guild, the Shadow Guild; spies and assaasins,. who have no secret country and sell their services freely to others

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There's only the human race, 'cause I didn't want the usual stuff you find in fantasy. I want to try create something new.

Monsters? well, animals from the hidden countries would be monsters to the common man, simply because they've never seen anything like it before.


The guilds don't get along foremost because of their different view on the world, and so there's conflict between them. Each guild has four different classes.

The trading part is actually done in the huge market that's located on an isolated island, where you can only get to by boat. The currency in the market place is called nuri (newree)


The fifth guild I never thought about, thanks for that grand idea :) I'll take it.


As it is right now, I kinda slowly writing things down. It's mostly just ideas so far. So, if anyone is willing to help out as co-writer..admin/mod would be grand :)

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Yeah, sure. That works as well :) And I might have an idea for the major plotline.


For the past two hundred years the once powerful Tulian Empire has risen once again.

With the help of the shadow guild they've been secretly colleting information about the state of the world.

Waiting patiently for a chance to reclaim their rightful place as most powerful empire that's ever existed.

The time is nearing for the shadow war to start.


That's the basic idea :) There would of course be minor plotlines and other major plotlines along the way.

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The Shadow Guild have infiltrated the 4 great guilds and slowly subverting or sabotaging them, aiming them at the other guilds to weaken them for their Imperial master. The Religious Guild is almost in the pockets of the Tulians, lured by the promise of becoming the official Imperial Church; and the extra power it gives them.

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Thanks, mate! :) Actually, I could use some ideas or feedback on a mage system.

The one I have at the moment is very very basic...if you got any thoughts it'd be grand :)


The Mage classes are as follow; Arcane Warrior, Alchemist, Druid, Elementalist

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I'd change them to elementalist, seer, biomancer and illusionist. A biomancer is one who can minipulate life energy.


As for the magic system; simple is best. Those who can learn magic must study to gain the knowledge to manipulate their field of magic. Its your choice whether only certain people have the ability inborn or if magic is something anyone can do with the right ritual

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hm...a seer is like an oracle if I'm not totally off here. Could be cool to have :)


Yeah, I don't like it when it takes a lot of time to even understand how the system works.

It's better than my point system that I have posted on the forum. I'll change that.


I'll send you an email later today :) I could use some feedback on the other guild classes.

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