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2013 Social Group Faire!


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Dragonmount's Annual Social Group Faire is comming in February at the General Discussions Forum! The Faire will run from February 15th until February 28th. Each Social Group will be running two threads in the General Discussion Forum (see full list below) to help introduce themselves and to get some good cross-Group interaction going.


We highly encourage all members of Drangonmount to attend this event and above all else, to have loads of fun! Links are provided in this post (**hint** the links are blue and will be provided as the threads are made) for each activity so you can find each thread quickly. Heres a sneak peak at whats to come!



The Following activities will be/are available:


Artists, Crafters & Writers Social Group


1. Siggy Contest - You create them, we critique them.


2. WoT Creations - Show off and discuss your Works of WoT.



Aiel Social Group


1. Culture Discussion: A discussion of the Cultures featured in The Wheel of Time and what cultures in Real Life influenced them.


2. Spear's Toss: team trivia game with some light "spear tossing" RP involved




Band of the Red Hand Social Group


1. Tune or No Tune - What's your favorite genre of music and why?


2. How and why was the Band of the Red Hand created discussion (books to be discussed will range from 1-10?)




Black Tower Social Group


1. The Black Tower Cafe: free brownies and spam!


2. "What faction does your soul belong to?"



Kin Social Group


1. How to Avoid the Yellow Ajah with things from your kitchen - discussion on home remedies for common issues that would've been available in Randland.


2. How to Avoid the Red Ajah believing your a False Dragon - discussion on emotional Healing, with a focus on stress, and generally keeping a positive outlook on life.




Ogier Social Group


1. Welcome to the Ogier - a description of the Ogier Social Group highlighting popular threads that are open to all.


2. Ogier Games - As Loial loves his dice, so do all Ogier enjoy a little gaming now and then.




Shayol Ghul Social Group


1. Cookpot Game - Cookpot is a 20 questions type game that will be WoT themed, players will ask the game runner 20 questions to determine who is "in the Cookpot"; once the character is guessed the game will start over with a new character in the Cookpot and a new set of questions.


2. "Ask Narg" - Ask Narg Question. Narg Give Advice.




White Tower & Warders Social Group


Warders Thread:


Week 1) Competition for the most creative new name for a swordform


Week 2) The perfect actor to play [insert Warder name] would be ... (give pictures)



Aes Sedai Thread:


Week 1) Discuss the most useful Talent in the books, and Create a new Talent


Week 2) The perfect actress to play [insert Aes Sedai name) would be ... (give pictures)




Wolfkin Social Group


1. Nature Guessing Game: We give you a picture of something nature related, you guess what it is.


2. Wolfkin Name: What name do you think Hopper and the rest would give you?

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