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NSW Bio for CoL Master at Arms - No CC Needed


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Character Name: Jeor Alroel

Division: Army of the Light

Rank: Captain and Master at Arms

Character’s Age: 42

Place of Birth or Raising: Amadicia with Malkieri heritage


Physical Description: Jeor is short and compactly built, with a heavily muscled upper body from years spent at the forge of his father. His father and mother were from Malkier, and raised him in the tradition, so Jeor wears the hadori of his ancestors. His hair is black, with plenty of gray creeping in at the edges. He is clean-shaven. 


Personality: He has a very affable manner, able to put people at ease with a few words. When he is in the training yards or at a forge, his talkative manner drops away, leaving him much quieter and even gruff at times. He is a loner, never married.


History: Jeor grew up in the Fortress of Light. His parents, Jafel and Elenyl, had fled Malkier when it fell to the Shadow. They wandered for a few years, aimlessly. Jafel was a weaponsmith, and it was hard for him to find work in more "civilized" countries where war wasn't at their doorstep. At some point, they came across a camp of the Children. When their Lord Captain learned that Jafel was a weaponsmith, he sent them on to Amador with a promise of good work and guaranteed meals. And so Jafel became a Child of the Light, and smith for the Fortress of Light.


A few years after their arrival in Amador, Elenyl gave birth to Jeor. He grew up wild and strong, a favorite among the soldiers. Jeor's childhood was spent with long hours at his father's forge, pumping the bellows and helping to smith the weapons when he was old enough. His father had told him it was useless to know how to make weapons if one did not know how to use them.  And so Jeor began training with sword and lance, bow and axe, quarterstaff and crossbow.


He sought out those who knew their weapons best, and learned as much as he could from them. Old Hel, the bowyer, taught him how to choose the right wood and craft a long or short bow, and how to make arrows that would fly true. A clerk in the Hand of the Light told him that the strongest weapon was the mind, and taught the boy to read and write, arithmetic, and a little of the history of the world.


On his 18th nameday, his father called him into the forge. On the anvil was a new sword, one more intricately wrought than any Jeor had seen before. The pommel was a sunburst of the Children, and the hand guard was two finely made cranes of Malkier.


He looked at his father in wonder, as Jafel picked up the sword and handed it to him. Jeor immediately went to one knee, knowing what was coming next. Jafel pulled a string of leather from his pocket, and carefully tied it around Jeor's temples, speaking softly as he did so.


"You have been worthy of this sword and the hadori for some time now, but I have held back out of my own fear. Son, now that you are eighteen, I know you will be taking the Oath of a Child of the Light. But first, know this. The Children believe that Aes Sedai are Darkfriends, and maybe it is so. Perhaps they could have prevented our homeland from being swallowed by the Shadow, if they had wanted to."


Jafel lowered his voice even more. "I choose to believe that Tar Valon remained a friend to us, but was unable to stop the Shadow from overrunning our borders. Regardless of that, Malkier has always sworn to come if the White Tower calls. Obviously, being a Child of the Light could make that a little difficult. You are a man now, able to make your own decisions. But if there comes a time when you can aid the Aes Sedai without compromising your vows to the Children, do it, if you can." With that, Jafel turned and left his son alone in the forge.


Jeor nodded slowly, contemplating this. He had no ill will toward the Aes Sedai personally, though he heard the Children talk about the Witches with derision and contempt. He doubted if he would ever have the chance to fulfill the Malkieri vow to Tar Valon, but if the chance arose, he would try.


Since Joining: 


The year that Jeor joined the Children was an eventful one. The Aiel had crossed the Dragonwall and burned Cairhien. Believing the Aiel to be Darkfriends, the Children mustered 4,000 soldiers and sent them to join the armies holding back the flood of savages. Jeor was one of the 4,000.


Through the next 2 years of bloody battle, Jeor honed his fighting skills. Early on, he was promoted to Lieutenant, as his leader fell to Aiel spears and Jeor was the only one with enough sense to hold the unit together.  Some days, it seemed like the war would never end-- Laman's army fleeing, and the Aiel pursuing relentlessly-- until one day, they reached Tar Valon.


Jeor was finally able to fulfill the vow his father had told him of, without breaking his obligation to the Children. He stood strong at the battle of the Shining Walls, his unit repelling wave after wave of Aiel. Just when it seemed that they could do no more, the horns sounded everywhere at once. Laman was dead, and the Aiel were retreating.


He was promoted to Captain for his actions at the battle, and soon was transferred back to the Fortress. He began to train the raw recruits on how to used their issued weapons. When the old Master at Arms died, it was Jeor who was chosen to take his place. Since then, Jeor has been responsible for all weapons training at the Fortress.

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