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Why YOU Should Join the New & Improved Children Of The Light!


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Hey there! I'm Claire, the new leader of the Children of the Light RP Group. We're just the most awesome thing to happen to the Westlands since sliced goats.


So, if you're reading this post, you probably want to know more about us (at least I hope so, or why ARE you here?  You better not be a spy for those Tar Valon witches >.>)


The Children is an RP Group in the Dragon Reborn Portal Stone World at Dragonmount. Just like the Portal Stone worlds of the books, our world is a reflection of the real world. The Children are an elite force of military missionaries, dedicated to bringing the Light to those caught in the Shadow.


There are so many ways to play a Child of the Light-- we're not all evil bad guys you love to hate. Well, some of us are evil, but that's beside the point. While we do all share a basic set of morals, we are widely varied. Our backgrounds, strengths, weaknesses, nationalities, beliefs, personalities and even sexual preferences are all different.


Not all Children are over zealous madmen (or women) who see Darkfriends in every shadow. Some can be very diplomatic, and truly dedicated to bringing the Light to others in a more "gentle" method than others. Then of course, we have the crazy zealots who would love nothing more than to put a hot poker in your flesh and scourge the Shadow from your soul.  Since you can now play up to 7 characters in this group (previously limited to 3), you can play any combination of personalities you want!


So here is a incomplete list of what makes the CoTL here at DM so awesome, and why you should join as fast as you can run to your nearest friendly CoTL recruiting station. (credit on some of these to JustenDiablos, Spymaster Extraordinaire)


1. We are an elite force of military badassery. You get a weapon of your choice to become a badass yourself with, from a sword to a slingshot. Our training regimen will have you slicing up Darkfriends and Aes Sedai in no time.


2. For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, you get a Sham-Wow with your order, for the very special price of....Wait, no, sorry-- For a LIMITED TIME, you can start your character as a 2nd Tier ranking. This means instead of being a lowly recruit, you can start as a Hundredman in our Army, an Arbiter in the Hand of the Light, or a Ranger in the Eyes of the Light! Hours of advancement, gone with a single stroke of the keyboard. Is it a Christmas miracle? No, it's the Amnesty, and you can read more about how it works HERE.


3. We're the only ones who can get those damn Aes Sedai down off their high horses. They sure won't look down their noses at anyone with their necks in a noose.


4. The Children travel all over the continent. We can be found in every country, in every town. If you want to meet beautiful women (or men!) in every place you stop, (and who doesn't love a man or woman in uniform?!) then the Children is for you.


5. Laws rarely apply to the Children of the light, so if you have a problem with horse tethering tickets, exorbitant taxes, and them pesky no torturing your fellow man laws nations try to ram down everyone's throats the CoL is for you.


6. Our ranks and advancement system have been changed, to make the process of getting raised more fun for everyone. Read more about it HERE!


7. We now have a super-duper new fun way to RP, utilizing Dice-- Think Dungeons & Dragons or "Choose your Own Adventure" style roleplay, utlizing a d20 dice. Read more about the Dice System HERE


8The CoL, having to remain chaste in front of the nonbeliever, sometimes gets stressed in the course of a working day, resulting from this, there are often huge parties held until the wee hours of the morning inside the Dome of Truth and away from the public eye. I could get into all sorts of stuff about questioner girls with whips and chains but I'm gonna let your mind roll on it's own from here.


9. Though we all wear the same white cloaks, the CoL is all about non conformity, so while some people would try to strech thier imagination to come up with one more point so they could reach the uniform ten on thier list, I feel no such desire, which is why I can stop now.


Come join the Children of the Light, where you can hunt witches, hang Darkfriends, fight in battles, and learn 107 different evil laughs.


MUAHAHAHAHAAH!  < That is #36.

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