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A Concluding Dream (OTA)


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OOC: Thought it might be fun to do an FF style party adventure based around the Hunt for the horn. This is open to anyone but please post a bio at the start of your first post so that we know who your character is. Have fun everyone.




Cedon Bevara


Nationality: Cairhienian




Appearance: Cedon stands at a height of 5” 11’, tall for a Cairhienian. He has shoulder length blonde hair with blue eyes. Walks with a certain pride that is unusual for one of a minor house but Cedon knows that he is destined for greater things. He is usually well dressed, but is also never without the sword that his family’s master of arms had gave him at his coming of age.


Personality: Cedon is a light-hearted man always ready with a smile. He is accounted a good player of the great game for his age even though he rarely involves himself. He much prefers to be honest with people than to deceive and this gives the impression of even deeper deception to those that are too immersed in the great game to understand that a man can be honest and true. He is quite intelligent and often has great insight, however he can also be over zealous and runs fool hardy into a situation before thinking about the consequences.


Weapon: sword- proficient




Cedon is the younger son of the Minor house Bevara. He has an older brother Adaan whom is the heir to the family, which has left Cedon thinking of other ways to further his own reputation.


He had an average childhood of a noble. Cared for by servants always had money but his life was not totally pampered. His mother and father knew that he would have to be a great player in order to survive in this world of nobility. So they trained their younger son thoroughly in the ways of Daes Damir and had their master of arms train him with the sword. However Cedon’s honesty prohibited him from enjoying the Great Game so he often focused his attention on the sword. And at the age of 16 the Master at Arms bestowed upon him his very own sword. And since that day he was never again seen without it.


Also on that same year Adaan got married to another minor house. Which so happened to be to the sister of Cedon’s own best friend. And when Cedon turned 18 the light blessed his brothers union with a son, dashing any claim that Cedon might have had for the high seat of his house. Cedon felt no jealousy towards his brother and actually felt relieved that the pressures of ruling a household would not fall on his own shoulders. This did not mean that his ambitions where doused, far from it, all it meant was that he was forced to broaden his horizons.





It was a beautiful day as Cedon’s party departed from Cairhien. For months, Cedon played at being a noble, going to balls and listening to the mindless dribble that they all spoke to each other, in the attempts to make the other’s slip a bit of knowledge they wanted kept hidden. It was maddening and extremely boring. Then one evening about a week ago an Illianer came to court and pronounced that the Great Hunt for the Horn was being proclaimed in Illian and all hunters are welcome to come to take the oath and put there names down in history. Cedon knew that he would be one of those hunters. He turned to his best friend who was surrounded by ageing Maidens of other Minor houses and smiled. And even in despite his own situation he smiled back. So it was that both Minor nobles set out with a small retinue of guardsmen from each house.


“How long do you think it will take us to get to Illian at this pace?”

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His friend seemed to ponder the question before answering.

“At our current rate of travel, we can expect to arrive in 7 weeks, 5 days and about 14 hours.” Some of the other around him gaped. Cedon did not call them down he only smiled. His
colleague had never had much difficulty discerning distances and the fact that he would do it as if it was nothing out of the ordinary, often left those who did not know him dumbfounded.

“Mind you, that’s to the boarder. The capital might take some more time. Mind, I can’t be sure we’ll keep up this rate, or that we won’t run into trouble…”He cut off from an amused look from Cedon andsighed. He over-explained far too much. He pulled his hood up to keep the sun out of his eyes. Cedon shook his head in amusement and spurred his horse on. It seems we have a fair distance to cover.


Several weeks past as they made their slow progress towards the Illian border and it seemed that with every league Cedon grew more exhilarated. He dreamed of all those heroes he had heard the Gleemen sing of and pictured himself joining their ranks in history. The thought brought a smile to his face, as he knew it to be childish. Cedon was just relieved to be
away from those pompous Nobles who would barely notice him just because he was the younger son. Cedon had learned to accept his status and sometimes enjoyed the lack of intention as it gave him more time to do things that he enjoyed. He looked over at Knoll and couldn’t help but laugh. His friend had his nose deep in one of the books he had brought with him and he barely noticed the glorious landscape that surrounded them.


“Don’t you ever get tired from reading the same book over?” His comrade looked at him and smiled and went back to his reading allowing his horse to just follow the others. Cedon chuckled to himself until one of their guardsmen came riding back from scouting ahead.


“M’Lord, Illian is just beyond the ridge.”


“Thank you Captain,” he turned back to his friend. “You ready to be apart of your own story that people will be fawning over as much as you are that one,” he laughed and galloped towards the rising ridge and there before him lay the beautiful outline of the legendary city where those famous hunters began there journey, before him lay Illian in all its glory.

OOC: this is open to anyone just thought I would move it along a bit :)

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