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What questions are left to be answered in AMOL?


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Major min viewings are logains glory and rand dieing and the sun dawning twice mostly the other ones are of lesser importance. The main things to be answered still are what has demandred been doing all this time, how the last battle will be fought, whats going to happen at shaoul ghoul (sp) with moiraine and nyneave. Whats happening at the black tower with th 13x13 and how is that going to be handled, moiraines reunion with everyone, how rand is going to make the seanchan listen to him, whos going to come back as a hero of the horn, will lan die at tarwins gap, whats slayer going to do, who is still an unrevealed dark friend. Theres hundreds of things still to happen i think most of the big reveals have already happened in the past 2 books though.

Just to build off a pretty solid posting, there is the question of the Ogier will they open the book of translations, the unrevealed darkfriend close to Rand, and a few other minor arcs. Just with the material of AMOL we have seen released there seems to be some pretty big revelations coming, such as why is Petra in a Seanchan uniform guarding Ebou Dar? Was he a seanchan spy? If you think about it, traveling across the lands with Valan Luca's Menagerie gave him a good amount of information for future invasions, from every town and which lord was ripe for taking the oaths and who might pose a problem. Or did he just join what he felt was a good cause? There is the gathering of Tinkers outside Ebou Dar as well. If a few dozen traveling in their caravans can have lively music, then with some many hundreds gathered if they start to sing will they realize that they discover the power of their voice and that any song would do they just have lacked numbers all these many years? Whatever the revelations, it is bound to be a great book!

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