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MMO RPG on PS3 and PC


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Okay the game is called DC UNIVERSE ONLINE and its a free downlowd and play game. I admit this game is for DC Comics but the character creation is great. Villain or Hero factions, PVP or PVE...player vs player or player vs enviroment...if you want to fight each other I suggest PVP but u can switch between the 2 so it dont matter much. You can create the White Tower, Band of the Red Hand, Black Tower, The Chosen/Forsaken,etc leagues and be in groups of 8 in an open world you can interact with literally hundreds to thousands of other players. I plan to make an Samma N'Sei League....( thats a spoiler name which I wont describe unless asked...but its Aiel).


I know its not EXACTLY what alot of us wanted but its a "do-able" deal. I'm posting a few photos I made in beginner's character creation. As you progress in the game you will have more styles to choose from. So many possibilities and VERY user friendly characyer customization.


Photos are of possible Trolloc, Aes Sedai, and Male archer....you decide what you want to be.




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