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Asha'man Cosplay at Dragon Con 2012

Guest HideousPhidias

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Guest HideousPhidias

I have been thinking about Cosplay for Dragon Con and was thinking that with the Last Wheel of Time Book coming up that it would be fun to do something from that world. At first I was thinking Perin Aybara, because I don't want to shave off my beard. But I have not been to the gym in a long time and don't have the time to start going again to build myself up to that level. Mat Cauthon is my favorate character besides all the girls but there seems to be alot of Mats out there in the cosplay picsI have found. I figured that a simple nameless Asha'man would be the simplest thing to do.



Asha'man Costume:

Black shirt

Black pants

Black high boots

Black sword blt

Sword or good style

Dragon pin

Sword pin

Black Coat/Jacket



I may in include a a simple veil and do a taraboner. I saw a pic of a guy who when that way and I am not sure of the look.



I have had a hard time of finding a good coat for my asha'man. May people on other forums say to use a normal black trench coat with a black sword belt on the out side but it seems rough to me. I know in th book it said that the asha'man are to be dressed in long black coats, but I don't see it going blow their knees. I like the frock coat some others have gone with; mostly I like th double breasted look. I found a pattern for a 1850s British Marines frock coat that I really like but it is not turning out very good. So I have been lookiing at costume shops for reneacting and larping. I have found a few things that would work but the cost is a bit to much for just one event. But I came acrossed these two coats on Amazon by chance whenI was looking for buttons and thought on of them may do. I would love to hear what others think.about them. I know thy are both mordern cut coats but I think the look is right. and thy would work well just not sure which one is better.




http://www.amazon.co...=thelees jacket




http://www.amazon.co...=thelees jacket

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