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Approved WK Bio - Sohvi Darwin (CC'd by Owen)


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Character Name: Sohvi Darwin


Email address: hingstman[at]gmail[dot]com


Division: Wolfkin


Physical Description: Sohvi is of an average height at 5'5". She has a typical Mayener build, meaning that she's slender yet curvy. She has long pitch black hair which refuses to curl, and dark eyes, though that's beginning to change. There's a gold aureole around her pupils now, one that's slowly spreading outward. She has rosy lips, but is fairly pale other than that, aside from an almost perpetual blush just below her high cheekbones.




Place of Birth/Raising: Born in Mayene, but she was raised in Amadicia, on a farm close to Marcedin.


Age : 19




Character History: Although Sohvi doesn't know it, she was born on a winter morning, somewhere early after the turning of another year. The sun was bright as it reflected from the snow, and all was well in her family, for their first and most treasured child was born. Such happiness would remain unknown to Sohvi. Not long after her first year had passed, her parents took her with them as they rode for Amador with their precious cargo. The moment they passed the Amadician border, disaster struck. What happened is still a mystery. For some reason the family had to run, and the little basket with one year old Sohvi in it toppled out of the wagon. The child jolted awake by this started to cry, but she was out of her parents earshot. They wouldn't discover her disappearance for a portion of the day, and when they returned for her, she was gone. Thinking their precious child was lost forever, they returned to Mayene, heartbroken but glad to be alive.


Sohvi was not lost or dragged off to be raised by wolves though. A young soldier found her at the side of the road. Knowing that he was in no way capable of taking care of the child, he took her to the only people of whom he was certain that they wouldn't mind another mouth to feed. His aunt and uncle. His uncle was a well-to-do farmer, almost twenty miles outside of Marcedin. His wife had born him six sons and five daughters already. He felt little for the dark haired, pale child that his nephew brought, but at his wife's insistence he kept the child. The woman called the Child Sohvi, and vowed that she would raise her as one of her own.


That was easier said then done though. None of her own children felt like having the stray, as they soon took to calling her, in their family. She wasn't right, after all. Her hair was too straight and her lips were too full and her skin was too pale. Sohvi soon learnt that if she stayed close to mother, her brothers and sisters wouldn't harm her. As soon as she was away from her mother though… of course it didn't help that her mother tried to spoil her gift-child rotten. While all five of Sohvi's sisters were forced to wear the same hand-me-downs, Sohvi got freshly tailored clothing, because most of her sisters dresses didn't fit her. The teasing that her siblings had started out with turned more heated by the years, and Sohvi learned to defend herself when she could, and to run away when she couldn't.


When she reached the proper age marriage, her mother sought long and hard for a suitable partner, but soon decided that her delicate flower of a daughter would not be happy with any of the men from the village. Her sisters joked that Sohvi was just too ugly to find a man. Her hair wasn't curly and her skin was too pale and her hips were too narrow for childbearing. Not to mention the fact that her high cheekbones completely ruined her face. And all of that happened before the changes settled in.


When Sohvi turned nineteen, or at least reached the day on which her cousin had brought her home eighteen years before, her dreams started. At first she saw nothing wrong with them. A dream was just a dream, after all, even if it was stranger than anything she'd ever dreamed of before. It was like she was back in her basket, one years old and alone on the side of the road. Only this time her basket wasn't picked up by a soldier, but by a wolf. Every time the wolf took her into the forest, and into a lair, where Sohvi would crawl out of her basket to cuddle up against the other cubs. It was like coming home.


After the first dream, Sohvi spent more and more time sleeping, going to bed with the setting sun, and not coming out of it until well after it rose. Her dreams changed eventually. She ran with the wolves now, hunting. It wasn't until she dreamt of tearing the throat of a deer with her own teeth that she started to worry. Her dreams got darker, more fitful, but she couldn't deny them. She was pulled in deeper and deeper. That was when things went wrong. One moment everything was peaceful, and the next her father dragged her out of the house, dropping her on the ground outside the door. "Out with you, demon child!" he shouted. Sohvi didn't understand, but she ran anyway, afraid of the dark look on his face, and the tears that streamed from her mother's eyes.


Sohvi didn't stop running until she reached the grove where she had spent many a day hiding from her siblings. There she waited for night to fall, after which she snuck back to the house. To her surprise her mother was already waiting for her. "Oh Sohvi… poor Sohvi." She said, pressing a bundle filled with clothing and food in her arms. "Momma?" she asked, still not understanding. "It's the dreams, Sohvi." She said, "and the eyes. Oh your eyes." A sound from inside the house startled them both. With a last hug from her mother, Sohvi ran again, back to her grove. When morning came, she looked at her reflection in the water, seeing for the first time that her eyes had changed. There was a pale brown, almost golden hue over them. She fell to her knees and wept, knowing those eyes all too well. How often had she looked up at them, from her basket? How often had she thought of home, when she saw those eyes?


Over the weeks that followed that day, Sohvi wandered further away from the house she grew up in. If possible she grew even paler, caring little about her own appearance and health. She avoided people, knowing that they would only chase her away. She was a demon, after all. Her yellow eyes told her that much. The wolves kept invading her dreams, and sometimes she could even see them during the day. Images shot through her head, and none of it made sense. She only understood that they were questions, but she didn't know how to answer them. The only time she found peace was when she thought of the snow, and the sunlight which shimmered upon it, the way it had the day she was born, and the way it did now, as she was born again.

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