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A question about Rand


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A thread was stared on reddit to wich I replyed, I was wondering how many people would agree with AreYouReadyToReddits view of Rand.






1) Most people (in-universe) missed that. There were hints scattered around; for instance, when Mat finds Thom drunk in Tar Valon, Thom calls Moiraine a fine woman ... if she weren't Aes Sedai. When Rand meets him in Cairhien, Thom asks if Moiraine is with him, and he seems to have a mixed response to her not being there. And Moiraine said something about "knowing the face of the man I will marry." Also, her letter to him begins with "Dearest Thom."


This is important because, in a sense, Thom and Moiraine are Rand's Parents.

Rand can be broken down into three separate identities.

  1. Rand Al'Thor, Country Bumpkin

  2. Rand Al'Thor, Ca'carn

  3. Rand Al'Thor, Lews Therin Telaman Reborn.

Each one also has their own parental figures, and spouses.

  1. Country Bumpkin: Min, Tam, and Kari

  2. Ca'Carn: Aviendha, Sister of the Spear (Tigraine Mantier) and Janduin.

  3. Dragon Reborn, Elayne (Illeyna), Moraine (Channeller, and political savant), Thom (Lost his nephew Owyn to Red Ajah, and also a political Savant.)

They both play a major role in his developing of skills he needs to unite and lead the primary nations of the continent.






I don't agree with you. Tam is his parent and Rand is who he is, because of him. All of the people you mentioned are either the ones who gave him tools to govern (Moarine, Thom, Elayne) or fight (Lan, Rhuarc), everybody else is just external pressure, with a few obivus exceptions. Even Rand/Lews Therin said that he will not make the same mistakes he made (as Lews Therin), because he had a better upbringing(Tam). As a matter of fact throughout the whole series he says that Tam is his only parent.

Tam and the taint(madness) are responsible for the man(god) Rand became.







As a matter of fact throughout the whole series he says that Tam is his only parent.


Rand only says that when he's afraid he's lost his identity. He also says it when he's not ready to accept the fact Tam isn't his biological father. This is a classic denial stage many adopted children go through.

Though I respect your right not to agree, I think you're ignoring events.

He also at several points thanks Moiraine or Thom in the confines of his own head for what they taught him.

And such as how Sulin refers to Rand as a brother, and (as you just mentioned) Rhuarc as a supplementary father figure.

Rand has three identities (Four if you count the Sea Folk, but that one is never properly developed), and three clear families that connect him to it.

Post transformation Rand acknowledging his upbringing will stop him from making the only mistakes doesn't disprove this...it supports it. The Rand/Lews Therin blend is acknowledging the separate existence/identity of Rand Al'Thor before they finally found peace and became one.

You'll notice that in the same stretch of conversation he is also able to reconcile his Aiel family connections without issue. ("I have toh." he otld Rhuarc.)







At first yes, but when he finally accepts that he's The Dragon Reborn, he says Janduin is his biological father but Tam is his -real- father.

I think that we are just interpreting the books differently.

Yes as I said they gave him tools. Just as Lan thought him the sword and to be honest I think Lan influenced him much more than anyone else from the group (ex. Death is lighter than a feather, duty is heavier than a mountain).

Yes she does, no he isn't, Rhuarc is his friend and he never gets that close to the maidens. I think your romanticizing the story too much.

Now that you mention the Sea Folk/4th identity, I see you made a concept in your head, it's nice, but as I said I don't agree with it.

I don't really understand what you wanted to say with this one.

Yes he gained wisdom of old age, and he can see from Rhuarcs point of view now, he can see the mistakes he made with his impatience and Rhuarc acknowledges that.







Yes she does, no he isn't, Rhuarc is his friend and he never gets that close to the maidens.


Except for memorizing the name and face of every Maiden who dies for him.







Again you romanticize too much, he remembers the name of -every- women who died because of him.

The problem throughout the whole series is that he isn't close to the Aiel, that they think he will use them and then discard them. The wise ones try to correct this with Avienda.





The wise ones try to correct this with Avienda.


Which only supports the three identity theory, because they want him married into their society--which is why she she fills the role of the spouse in one of the three identities.

Note how all the maidens treat him as a son or a younger brother. Again, symbolically showing his Aiel family.

If you really don't think Rand was closer to the Maidens, or the Aiel then he was with, say, the Tairiens or Andorans...then you should re-read books 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.







But that is how they view him, not who he is, it is not his identity. As I said you made a concept for your self, which is fine, but I don't agree with it. There are 3 names (The Dragon Reborn, The Car'a'carn and The Coramoor) but those 3 names represent the same person, it's not like he's the batman for "wetlanders", the superman for the Aiel and the flash for the Atha'an Miere.

Again to them, not to him. Maybe in the end (Memory of Light) he will come to feel close to them or maybe he did when he merged with Lews Therin, but it isn't shown.

You confuse closeness with respect and also nobility with the common folk. What about the Shaido?

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