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WOT: FIRES OF HEAVEN, Moiraine Sedai's conflicting priorities and deteriorating trustworthiness

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***SPOILER ALERT*** Hello. A veteran user of this forum suggested that I post my thoughts as I read through the series for the first time because i guess you peeps that have been around a while and have already finished the series thrive on fresh brainwaves. well again I'm on the Fires of Heaven and I'm at the part where Rand and the gang have brought the Aiel into wetland areas, and they are all fascinated about the terrain. :moiraine:Moiraine is pretending to be all humble and submissive now to Rand so that he keeps here close but we have heard her mention that she "remember how to control the one power [by surrendering to it]," a philosophy she is now assumed to be applying to her relationship with Rand. I personally am slightly discouraged by this off-hand remark. I was excited that maybe Moiraine was finally ready to realize that compared to Rand's power and the importance of his role in fighting the last battle, she is a mere advisor, and that her efforts would be better spent acting genuine toward him and being open and honest, instead of always trying to have him under her thumb. I mean really, what are Moiraine's priorities? 1. Protect the world from the dark one (by enable Rand to emerge from the last battle victorious), 2. Protect the White Tower and its interests. The first priority keeps suffering from the bad habits of the second, like being all secretive and obscure, and bossy for that matter. I just get this sense that we all need to realize we are on the same team! Moiraine has finally gained a little headway with Rand, but as soon as he learns that she has only simply altered her strategy to control him, she will be pushed even further away, and then her 1st priority goes down the toilet. Okay so I'm not used to being quite this openly opinionated, so please understand that I am open to alternate viewpoints and apologetic arguments for the actions and attitudes of Moiraine, as long as they don't contain spoilers for Fires of Heaven forward. Thank you all for your time.

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I guess you should head to Discussion but they may contain spoilers.


I have always thought Moiraince as a person who just keeps manipulating. But then you have to look how much Moiraine has sacrificed. She left White Tower and had to wander from place to place to find the Dragon Reborn. Then she wasn't sure how to prevent him from going mad. She had to try every way she could think of to save the world.


If you haven't, then you should read New Spring(prequal to Eye of the World). Moiraine's action in books would make more sense then. I hated Moiraine but New Spring changed my view.


Moiraine's action would make more sense when in the further books when they explore the White Tower but that's all I could say now.

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If you haven't, then you should read New Spring(prequal to Eye of the World). Moiraine's action in books would make more sense then. I hated Moiraine but New Spring changed my view.



Wow that is strange. I reserved it at the library last week and just picked it up today. been listening to it for a couple hours. It is indeed very interesting to see the social dynamics between Siuan Sanche and Moraine at such a young age and merely Accepted playing pranks and stuff. Thanks for the recommendation anyway!

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