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Approved White Tower bio for Ceridwyn Taereth--CCd by BT


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<u>Basic Information</u>

Handle : The Bard Babe

Full names of WT characters: None yet.

Contact email: the_nextjdp@hotmail.com


<u>Character Information</u>

Name (first and last): Ceridwyn Taereth

State whether this is a Traditional or a Salidar character: Traditional

Age (Traditional = 14-19 / Salidar = 20-70): 15

Nationality: Cairhienin



Hair: Long, black curls

Eyes: Bright, light blue

Skin: Pale and white as snow

Height:Short-about 5"0

Voice:Low and mellow, but loud-great singing voice

Other:Ceridwyn is petite and small, with a scar on the back of her right hand and running onto her forearm. She tends to wear brightly coloured clothes, as she is a foregater, and she has beads, cotton threads/wraps and feather and medallions etc. all through her curls, as well as a bright headscarf.

Personality: Ceridwyn is a girl with a fascinating ability to forgive and forget. She is at home with people, very skilled with interpersonal matters. She has a good mind for words and a brilliant memories for conversations. She is much louder than people assume on seeing her small size and is just as comfortable reading at her mother's inn as she is performing on a stage, which she does at every available oppurtunity. Her ability with numbers is considerably more limited.

Not afraid to tell her opinion, Ceridwyn is a confident girl, who enjoys simply being around people. She is the go-to person for information and she always 'knows a guy who knows a guy'. She knows what's happening before the people involved do, and has the contacts to get away with a lot of things she shouldn't.


However, Ceridwyn is rather paranoid and can turn very bitter when upset. She is overly analytical and this often leads her into a spiral of negative thoughts when she overthinks things.




Special Skills: She is a great singer and musician and she is quite skilled at gambling and unnaturally good at remembering names, faces and conversations, due to working in an inn for most of her life.

Weaknesses: She is paranoid and has a morbid fear of the dark, which she works hard to hide.




Ceridwyn's family have run The Fat Cat Inn for generations. She has three older brothers, a younger brother and a younger sister. As a family unit, they have run the inn. Ceridwyn's father educated them, and from guests that come through the inn, Ceridwyn learnt of different cultures and heard the adventures of others. She learnt music and singing, creating tales out of the stories guests told her and turning them into epic adventures of heroism.

Once, when she was very young, she was attacked and locked in a dark cupboard for a night by a guest, and that has led to a morbid fear of the dark that has continued through her older years.

When she was 12, her arm was sliced open in a brawl in the inn, and she still has the scar. After that, her brothers taught her how to not get killed in a brawl, but seeing as her physical abilities are limited to dramatic theatrical gestures, Ceridywn never took to weaponry, although through years of experience she grew pretty handy with a mug.


Ceridywn's father died when she was 13, leaving her mother to run the inn. Her sons did all the work with repairs, security and horses, leaving Ceridwyn to provide entertainment and run the waitresses.

Growing up an the foregate meant that Ceridwyn lived her life in the inn and on the streets, enjoying music and festivals. She has contacts all over the city and the world through the inn and sneaking kisses and cuddle with the children of nobles. After her father died, Ceridwyn spent less and less time at the inn as she didn't particularly get on with her mother, but always made it back before dark.


When a party of sisters of the Whtie Tower visited the inn, they discovered and told Ceridywn of her abilities. They told her mother, and Ceridywn's life as an innkeeper's daughter gave way to that of an aes sedai as she rode away with the sisters to her new home: the White Tower.

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