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Approved Warders Bio for Casdegere Constantine--CC'ed CotS


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Name: Casdegere Constantine

Age: 18

Place of Origin: Andor, specifically White Bridge.

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Ice Blue

Height: 5’11

Weight: 195#

Brief History:

Someone once said, “A man can leave the Borderlands but the Borderlands never leaves the man.” Casdegere (Kazz-deh-gear) was such a man that had seen more than his share of blood and war. He was Andoran in truth but he had not stepped foot in Andor for most of his 18 years. His father, Egan always had an unnatural thirst for war and the men of the Borderlands were more than happy to oblige him. He took Casdegere, a babe then and his mother Ilenia into Shienar, to the city-fortress of Ankor Dale. There his father fought alongside the Shienarans for many years and when Casdegere was old enough to hold a blade he, along with the other boys were taught the basics of combat and also how to survive in the blight. Years passed and Casdegere had not improved much as a warrior next to his father against men and darkspawn and he had seen many men die. After his father was killed his mother passed one month later due to grief for she had loved his father dearly. Casdegere was given his father's blade and armor but he had lost his taste for war. Scouting and the blight was all he knew but he had never done anything for himself. Having no other motivations to give him a reason to continue there he decided to head to Tar Valon where he thought he might be allowed to learn by the famous Tower guard he had heard of if it be the will of the light.


Physical Description/Possessions:

"Impressive weapon…can you use it?" Casdegere is 18 years old with an almost constant tanned exterior. His eyes show an age much older though, a piercing blue below a dark, stern brow and a mass of raven black hair held by a leather cord. His face holds narrow cheeks and sharp edges that mimic his purposeful demeanor and his chin and face are always well kept. He is quick and lithe and possesses a greater deal of endurance compared to strength, something that kept him alive in such places as the blight. He prefers lighter cloth and leathers colored in browns and greens which have served to hide him from unwanted eyes. He carries with him an old, ornate Bastard Sword, a matching long-knife and a set of Dark brown, studded leather armor that has been well cared for. He chose to gift his father's horse to a friend that chose to stay and retained his own, a fast, Dark Brown gelding named Corson that was given to him by the Lord of Ankor Dale himself.

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