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Nynaeve Sedai

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Hi there.. I am new to the forum, but not to WOT.. I started reading back when Eye of the World came out. I have been known to start the series all over again when I knew a book was coming out!! I love the characters!! So rich and real...I am just starting to read TOM for just the 2nd time.

It's driving me crazy that AMOL won't be out until Jan 8 2013... Yikes I hope I live that long!!! I turn 55 the next day!! Now I will have to decide whether I want to hold off on TOM or read it now anyway!!! I am disappointed that DKS won't be the artist for the final book... Will they be publishing all 14 books again in hardback as a set? I have broken the spines from all the times I've read them... Lastly I live in Anchorage Alaska and really like Brandon's work. He's doing a great job.. Blessed be the Light.

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