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The Perfect Title


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Hi everyone, my name is Josh and I am a long time reader and first time poster.


I just wanted to see if anyone else there is excited for one final read through of this series not only because of the closure of the story we all love, but due to the fact that these books have something of a nostalgic quality for you. These books have been a mainstay in my life since I discovered a tattered copy of The Eye of the World back when I was twelve years old.


My parents were worried about me for a while because all I did during high school was read the books over and over again. I treasured opening these pages and spending time with characters who in a lot of ways were more well developed than I felt I was at that point in my young life.


It seems appropriate to me that I will be turning 30 the year the final book comes out. I haven't picked up the first one in years; an annual read through unfortunately is one of the vestiges of my youth that I have left behind over the past decade, but I cannot tell you how excited I am to pick up the books one last time and enjoy the memory of discovering them for the first time all over again.


I love all of your theories and I would love to hear stories of your experiences with these books throughout your lives. My favorite personal memory is being kicked out of freshman year biology all the time for reading WoT books in the back of the classroom, and then finding out that the teacher also loved the books and that's why he didn't give me detention.


I love that this book is going to be called "A Memory of Light." Memory is a great literary theme, especially for a series as unique and important in my life as this one.

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