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Approved White Tower bio for Fiona Ashlyn--CC'd by the other Tower


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<u>Basic Information</u>

Handle : Shiva

Full names of WT characters: All my old characters fall under the handle Celes and are dead.



<u>Character Information</u>

Name (first and last): Fiona Ashlyn

State whether this is a Traditional or a Salidar character: Traditional

Age (Traditional = 14-19 / Salidar = 20-70): 14

Nationality: Cairhien



Hair: Deep brown long hair with a slight curl, usually kept together in a braid or a bun.

Eyes: Deep brown

Skin: Milky pale

Height:5 ft 7

Voice:she speaks soft, mumbling a bit and has a low pitched voice

Other:she has a scar down her left arm, from when she fell of a horse as a child, it’s quite large and distinctive

Personality: Fiona was born lucky some said, the storms outside the house were raging wild and rain washed down the small windows of her mother’s room as she gave birth to a tiny baby who did not cry right away. It was not until the midwife spanked her buttocks a few times that Fiona decided it was ok to show the world she was indeed alive. Her cries out bellowed the storms outside, telling the neighbors around that a new girl was born. This stubborn way of looking at the world around her never changed much for Fiona.


Fiona likes to be the one in control, she likes to get her way and knows many ways to get what she wants. Her eyes are like pits of fire when she’s angry and she can throw a fit at something as little as the kitchen running out of her favorite honey pies. She is an intelligent young woman, who cannot study for long as her mind runs off absently with her. Being homeschooled by her father and older sisters, she has quite a broad education but it was not an easy task to teach Fiona Ashlyn.


However, when she sets her mind to it, she can learn and can also be quite helpful and sweet. Her father often shook her about as a child, but has by now almost given up on trying teaching his daughter to behave like a proper lady. Her sisters try their best and often wish she would grow up faster so she could be married off. Fiona likes the boys plenty to play with in the streets or to misbehave and pull pranks on, but getting ready for a family of her own is nowhere near on her mind.




Special Skills: she can throw a great temper tantrum




Weaknesses: Knowledge Weakness: she is easly distracted and therefore has not a great long term concentration

Physical Weakness: she is slender but not very muscular

Personality weakness: her passion and stubbornness can cause her to blindsight her knowledge and make her uncareful at times.



Fiona was born as the third child from a noble clerk, Roderick Ashlyn and his wife Beatrice who died in child birth when Fiona was two, delivering the still born only brother she would ever have. Her two older sisters took up to caring for Fiona as her father worked as a city clerk. They had a nice home, always food on the table and clothes to wear. Her eldest sister Erina was married of at a young age of 15 to the son of the nobleman her father worked for. She was fortunate, for she fell in love with the man and he took good care of her and promised to do so for her family.


Her second sister, Constance was less fortunate, having been burnt badly in a bath tub that was too hot and left unguarded by a servant or a parent at the age of 5, this young woman had scars over her face, arms and upper body that made most men look away. Constance did not mind, she was a bookworm who enjoyed studying economics and writing. At the age of 16 she worked alongside her father and kept an eye on Fiona, then 14.


Upon her 18th birthday, Erina came home to her father and sisters to tell them she was expecting a child. Roderick Ashlyn was happy for his daughter, who had now secured her position with the family she married into. This would help him for his pension as well, he was overjoyed at this security for himself and his family as he had not expected his other two daughters to do quite as well and decided a feast was in order to celebrate this occasion.


Four weeks later, the feast was planned and Erina and her husband Trendor were the middle of attention, wine, food and a bard made the feast a great one. Erina took to herself halfway through the evening though, Constance did not notice as she was too busy listening to the bard’s tale of lands far away, but Fiona went looking for her sister. She finally found her, in the back of the kitchen lying on the floor unconscious. Fiona screamed for help, but none came and then ran out into the street in an attempt to find someone, a midwife perhaps. It was night, just after suppertime for most and the streets were as empty as the inns were full.


A few streets down from the house, Fiona reached an inn she dared to enter. She snuck in and scoured the place to find someone who could help. Fiona had no idea who she was looking for. However, her desperation awakened something inside her that told her to go for a table by the wall where a woman sat all alone, staring into a bowl of soup apparently. A man came up from behind the table as soon as Fiona approached, he looked stern and gave a small grunt as the girl ran up to the woman at the table. Fiona was taken aback, then thought of her sister and curtsied deep and started rambling off, “Please, I believe you are Aes Sedai and you can help my sister, Erina, she is with child and unconscious. I’m not sure how, but please can you help?”


The woman looked up, her eyes locked with Fiona’s and nodded, without a word she followed the girl outside. They were followed closely by the man who had grunted earlier but who now also remained silent. Fiona was too afraid for her sister to worry if this was the right thing to do. She had no idea who she had just asked, or why. But her gut instinct told her this was the right thing to do. Her sister needed her. She showed them to the back of the house where they could easily enter the kitchen where Erina still lay, alone and with her chest barely rising and falling. “Is she still breathing?” Fiona called out and ran towards the still body of her sister. The woman she had brought sank to her knees, felt Erina’s pulse and then asked the man, whose name was apparently Jonathan to bring her boiled water and a blanket.


Fiona helped by finding some blankets when her father appeared in the door opening of the kitchen. “What is going on here?” His eyes shot from Fiona to Erina to the woman tending to his daughter. Then he bowed and spoke in more silent tones, “My apologies Aes Sedai, I had not realized,” the woman did not look up and kept working on Erina. Fiona was not sure what happened, but finally the servants were ordered to bring Erina to her bedroom. Handing her father a vile with some sort of dark brown liquid, the Aes Sedai said: “Feed her this for the new three days, she will be fine.” Roderick Ashlyn replied “Forgive me, but will my daughter be able to keep the baby?” The Aes Sedai nodded, “I see it is important to you that she does, her health is most important to me. But yes, they will both recover. I am glad your daughter was so quick to find me,” Fiona’s cheeks went crimson with pride, but she soon bowed her head again.


“How can I repay you for your services, Aes Sedai,” Roderick Ashlyn asked. “Your daughter can do some scribing for me, she was the one who found me, I have some papers than need a clean hand,” her father nodded. “Of course, although my daughter Constance is more suited for such a task,” but the Aes Sedai merely stared at him in reply. “This young woman will do just fine. She can come and meet me tomorrow at noon at the inn where she found me,” with that the Aes Sedai and the man who followed her left. Roderick told his daughter to go to the inn the next day and do exactly as the Aes Sedai said, “We owe so much to her, you had better not do anything to anger her Fiona, or you will see me angered so much worse.” With that he went back to the party, confident that all would turn out well.


The next day, Fiona presented herself before the Aes Sedai, who gave her name Liandra Sedai of the Yellow Ajah. “You were in luck child, I was actually not planning to be in Cairhien these days and I’m not even sure how you found me. But we will deal with that later, for now I want you to sit here at this table and write in your best hand writing. Fiona nodded and worked for four hours on three papers, before the Aes Sedai was content. “I am still in the city tomorrow, you will come here again early in the morning.” Fiona wanted to disagree but remembered her father’s words. “Yes, Aes Sedai,” she said and left to return again the next morning, ready for more writing. However, the Aes Sedai had another plan for the girl it seemed. There were no papers and quills at the table this time, but a small box with a jewel lying on top of it. Fiona studied it when the Aes Sedai told her she would be tested.


Fiona’s father did not take well to the news that his daughter would pay more than some writing work for the Aes Sedai, as he saw it, having his youngest be taken to the White Tower was a price too high to pay. But after an hour of talking between him and Liandra Sedai, he came out and told Fiona to pack a small bag as she was leaving with the Aes Sedai and her warder. Fiona thought about running away just then, but she knew this was the debt for her sister’s health and even though she was scared of what was to come for her, Fiona decided to do the right thing and listened to her father. “I will be back soon father, they will see that I am not like them after all and I will come back here with you.” He nodded, smiled and she wondered if she could see tears glistening in his eyes. “Just behave and listen to the Aes Sedai my child,” he said and kissed her on the forehead as goodbye. And so it was that Fiona Ashlyn travelled to the White Tower to enroll as a novice.

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