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Approved White Tower bio for Kaylynn Seed--CC'd by BT


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Basic Information

Your Handle :Kaylynn

Full names of WT characters you already own and their status (active/retired/dead): None

Contact email: through profile


Character Information

Name (first and last) of this character: Kaylynn Tasil Saeed

State whether this is a Traditional or a Salidar character: Traditional

Age of this character * (Traditional = 14-19 / Salidar = 20-70): 15

(* Returning / Full AS character: age in main time line)

Name of country where this character is from: Arad Doman – Bandar Eban



Hair: dark brown/black

Eyes: deep blue, almost violet

Skin: tanned peaches and cream

Height: 5'7”

Voice (low? high? any other characteristics? ie what does she sound like): 2nd soprano high

Other: medium build but toned



Special Skills: herbs

Knowledge Weakness: writing

Physical Weakness: self - conscious

Personality weakness: stubborn


Personality good negotiator, good herbalist for cooking and medicinal purposes, loves to sing, stubborn, doesn't back down from a fight easily, self – conscious despite being domani and learning the art of seduction at a young age



Kaylynn grew up on the out skirts of Bandar Eban where her mother was a merchant and her father was a lesser lord. She was the youngest of 4, all being boys except her. She spent most of her time with her great aunt who had a herbal shop and garden where she help mix medicines, soaps, fragrances and spices for her aunt's shop.

At the age of 8, her mother and great aunt started to teach her the art of being a Domani woman, including teaching her the art of seduction Kaylynn never felt comfortable with these teaching because she was so self – conscious of her appearance. She was not fat, as her brothers like to tell her, but she wasn't skinny like her mother and her aunt either.

Kaylynn enjoyed playing and tagging along with her older brothers who treated her like a boy rather than a girl. She never backed down from any argument with them and usually won every one. Her brothers and she were inseparable, whether they were running through her aunt's gardens, riding horseback through the countryside or playing around the estate.

When Kaylynn was 14, she lost her eldest brother to the war outbreak over Almoth Plain. She was heartbroken with the loss and feared for the lives of the last two remaining brothers. Her two remaining brother came home for a short while, in which time Kaylynn tried to talk them out of being in the guard but they felt it was their duty being sons of a lesser lord.

At about this time two ladies showed up in town, dressed in lovely green out-lander clothing, with 4 men in their party. Over the next couple weeks, one of the ladies took an interest in her brothers and asked if they would be interested in going to the White Tower for training. Kaylynn found out through her brothers that they were Aes Sedai and thought they would be good candidates for the Warders training available for them at the Tar Valon.

One day she spotted these two ladies outside her aunt's shop where she was mixing some herbs. She ran out of the shop to see if the Aes Sedai would take her to Tar Valon. She explained how she learned from her brothers that they were Aes Sedai and had asked her two brothers to go for training. The Aes Sedai went back into her aunt's shop with her to perform the jewel test to see if should be able to channel or maybe go to Tar Valon to train to be a Warder. She was astonished when she was able to make the green jewel flicker and was told she had the ability to learn to channel.

The Aes Sedai spoke to her parents and she was then aboard an outgoing vessel to Tar Valon with a sealed document from the Aes Sedai with her. It was a long trip aboard the cargo vessel to Tar Valon but when she arrived she was awed by the beauty of the city. She knew that she was where she was supposed to be.

Edited by Arath Faringal
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