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Hello everyone.


I am a long time fan of the WOT series and use to be a member of the now defunct atari WOT forum...from many years ago.

I am looking forward to final book in the series and I have re-read the complete series in preparation.


I live in Sydney Australia and look forward to chatting online :)


-Jak o'Shadows

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Which parts and characters are your favorites?

Having read the series now what seem like and Age (:P) my faviourites keep changing.

My current favourite is Mat and his walks down memory lane.

What are you looking for here at dm? Meeting other fans? Discussing the books? Maybe writing your own adventure in Randland?

Discussing the books, sharing ideas and discovering more about DM.


Who is your least favorite character and favorite Forsaken?

My least Favorite would definitely be The Prophet. Even in the chaos he raised I dont see the purpose, especially with the way he was finshed off.

Favourite Forsaken would have to be Moridin, he's mysterious and dedicated to his cause.

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