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Just a question or two!


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Hello Fans of WOT


I am sure I am joined by many who eagerly await the next and final novel.


I have read some really great posts on a few websites and of course it spurned a couple of questions of my own.


Does anyone think the last novel will reveal to Rand and Galad the fact that they have the same birth mother?


Do you think the Tinkers and consequently the Aiel will find The Song they have been searching for & in so doing reunite the split people.


Is this a way to avoid the possible future shown to Aviendha thru the arcs?


Aiel Prophecy “It says we will be changed, and find again what was ours, and was lost.”


Thanks to all that reply....

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Welcome to dm!!!


I spy one for the discussion boards!!!


I'd say, yes they will realize it, yes the Song will definitely will be found, I'm not sure what that will mean for the Tinkers and the Aiel, and of course the future can be changed!!!!


And now a few questions for you! :D Which parts and characters are your favorites? How did you find dm?


If you have any questions just ask :)

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