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Approved White Tower Bio for Ledinna Sedai--CC'd by Freelanders


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Basic info:


Handle:Ledinna Sedai, no other characters yet



Character info


Name: Sagneia Kathen

Traditional novice


Country: Tarabon




Hair: reddish brown

Eyes: grayish brown

Skin: pale-ish

Height: 1.5 meter

Voice: neither high or low but sort of controlled voice, good singer

Other: skinny




Skills: awesome singer

Knowledge weakness: bad with geography

Physical weakness:legs are just like two sticks

Personality weakness: flatters those that are above her, and is mean-ish to those she thinks are below her. Sometimes annoying.




Sagneia may seem balanced to those who don't know her but she just explodes if someone says something bad of her. She is very proud and has always friends around her. As she manages to forget her 'hierarchy' she can be quit nice and helpful and it's easy to get her laugh. Usually she behaves like a princess though, because she knows everyone admires her voice anyways.




Until she was taken to the Tower, Sagneia knew no life outside Tarabon. She had barely been

outside Tanchico, and even that was just once. Her family was neither rich or poor, her father

kept sold textiles in his own shop, but they got no other sources of money. What Sagneia's

father did have, was good relations. He had sold fabrics in his own shop. Even though the

Kathen family didn't have that much money, most of the fabrics were a good quality, and a few

even fine enough for a lord or a lady to wear.


As Sagneia woke up in the morning she would turn four, she saw her father sitting on the

corner of her bed just like he had waited her to wake up. His tired and sad face didn't look

like that, though. Biting his lip he told her daughter quietly that her beloved mother had died

during last night. This was very odd as she hadn't been ill and the body was never shown to

little Sagneia but as a child does, she believed every word her father said her. The funeral was

very small, just Sagneia, her father, aunt and uncle. Everyone looked very stern.


Eight years later as Sagneia had come up with the idea to do a surprise visit to her aunt's and

uncle's place, she finally got to know the truth about her mother. This was a pure accident,

the young girl was just standing in front of the door just about to knock, as she heard the aunt

shouting to the uncle. There was nothing unusual there, they often fought with each other,

but this time Sagneia heard them mention the name Maralle, her mother. So she continued



It all was very exiting, her heart thumped loudly, but the outraged voices of her aunt and

uncle inside the house were even louder. "I should have known this would happen! It seems

to be in the family, doesn't it? Well, Maralle had at least the spirit to do it. You just can't decide

what to do!" Sagneia's uncle almost screamed.


"My sister has nothing to do with this! Her desicion was her own and even I was shocked from

it, as you remember! And how can you even think I would do the same?" Aunt replied and

apparently threw something on the wall. It sounded like a vase.


"Oh, I know perfectly well about you and that other one! And Maralle? Hmph! If you didn't

remember the situation was just like this! Just running away with another man! But I repeat:

she had the spirit to actually do that instead of just planning it. She even told her husband

about it! You could do it too so I can already search another wife for me!" The uncle shouted.


Sagneia had heard it all and understood very well. She never told her father she had knew

about it. But he looked like he knew what she was thinking. She just buried the bitter feeling



In her childhood she had always four to five friends but they changed all the time. Sagneia

grew tired to the old ones within months and got easily new friends. She was also a very

proud girl because of her amazing voice and everybody wanted to hear her sing. This made

her even more proud and she started to think pretty much nobody was equal to her. With

some kids, expecially with the younger ones, she just placed herself above them and didn't

care of them. With those who she thought were above her, she flattered and was the adorable

little child. She was pretty annoying, that she had heard from many kids in Tanchico, but


didn't care. They were below her. She herself didn't know what she did, though. She still does

that and still doesn't know what she's doing.


Some boys of the city had a special nickname for her: Ish. Sometimes even "Dish" That was

because they had figured that everything in her was something-ish. The hair was reddish

brown, the eyes grayish brown, the skin pale-ish... She wasn't purely anything. She was nice

but then she wasn't nice. She was very balanced but then she had a terrible temper.


As Sagneia was fourteen, came a day that raised her pride to the heavens. An Aes Sedai with

a strict-looking Warder stepped inside her father's shop. Hidden in the shadows of the shop

corner, Sagneia was nearer of an Aes Sedai than she had ever been in her entire life before

this. The reason of them coming was just ordinary; they needed clothes made from a fabric

neither too fine or too rough. And a shopkeeper that would keep quiet.


However, as the Aes Sedai saw Sagneia hidden in the corner. That gave Sagneia the strength to

ask wether she could channel. The look of the Aes Sedai was so calm that Sagneia never knew

why she the Aes Sedai had actually done the jewel test for her. As always, the reasons of the

Aes Sedai were completely hidden. If she had known that the purpose of the Aes Sedai being

in Tarabon was just testing the girls, Sagneia would have lost a bit of her pride.


But yes, she could learn to channel. She would be weak, though. She could make it all up to

shawl, but she would be one of the weakest Aes Sedai, if not the very weakest. She didn't care

of that, though. Now there was a new possibility, a new dream, something to achieve. And she

would do that. No price would be to high.t

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