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Approved Whtie Tower Bio for Falain Asien--CC'ed by Band


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Character Information


Name (first and last) of this character: Falain Asien


State whether this is a Traditional or a Salidar character: Traditional


Age of this character: 16


Name of country where this character is from: Cairhien




Hair: Dark brown hair which when let loose falls straight as an arrow to her knees, which is

normally braided in two and pinned about her head almost like a crown.


Eyes: Piercing blue


Skin: pale and milky


Height: 5’2’’ and almost too petite.


Voice (low? high? any other characteristics? ie what does she sound like): Soft voice with the

typical Cairhien clip.


Other: Falain has a small brown birthmark on the right hand side of her neck (just below her

ear) and a sharply pointed nose.




Special Skills: Falain is an excellent horse rider and particularly enjoys gardening.


Knowledge Weakness: Even though she grew up in a minor Cairhien noble house her father

kept her away from political intrigue and as such she has little to no knowledge of Daes



Physical Weakness: Falain has an extremely weak stomach when it comes to blood.


Personality weakness: She is a doormat, letting everyone walk over her and doing their

bidding, she is also prone to fits of melancholy, in which she feigns sickness.


Personality: Being Cairhien she is reserved and rarely lets her emotions show in public.

In reality she has low self-esteem and almost no confidence in herself or her abilities. She

enjoys the freedom she gets from riding the meadows and digging in the kitchen vegetable

garden and when involved in either of these pursuits her mood and personality changes and

she becomes more confident.


History: Falain was born the baseborn daughter of a lesser Cairhien nobleman and a farmer’s

daughter. At 7 her mother died from an illness and her father took her to his house to be

raised. His wife and 5 other children did not agree with his decision and as such a cycle

of emotional, psychological and physical abuse began which deteriorated her confidence

and self-esteem. The only love she was shown was from her father who gave her gifts and

allowed her some freedoms and from the gardener who began to teach her his lore.


For 9 years Falain suffered at the hands of those who despised her and where she stood in

her father’s heart. She was a child who asked for nothing but to be loved and because of the

love her father gave her she was punished. When her father died at his wife’s hand, Falain

was cast out to fend for herself and so she did by joining a group of travelling performers as

a caretaker for their animals. For 4 months she enjoyed freedom she had not known before,

but that freedom was not to last when the whole troupe was cast down as dark friends and

her along with them. Her name was mud and she was soon begging in the streets until

happenstance occurred and a chance meeting with an Aes Sedai in a crowded market place

changed her fortunes, she was tested and told that she may take up the training to learn to

channel and perhaps become Aes Sedai. Desperate, Falain clung to the hope that she may

train in the White Tower but with her confidence at it’s lowest that hope was minimal. Falain’s

journey with the Aes Sedai and her Warder was short and the other woman did not explain

much to Falain except to tell her that a novice’s training was long and arduous. This of course

did not sit well with the girl and she began to dread and rethink her decision. Of course it was

too late for her and her new life was to begin with a meeting with the Mistress of Novices.


Falain had thought she was free when she worked with the troupe, she would however, in

time, come to realise the many different ways in which to define freedom.

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