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I might be a robot...


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Thank you for being so open with us about it. Then again being proud of it you probably have no problem with being open about it anyway :P


Would you like a tour of dm or do you think you'll manage?


Which parts and characters are your favorites?


Welcome to dm!!!


If you have any questions feel free to ask :)

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Well there are all of the "welcome to dm" "here's how to get a siggy" and such in the intro board, which you have been clever enough to find :P


Then we have the General Discussion board, which mostly consists of discussions about WoT theories, characters, ect.


After that is the Social Board. Each of the social groups has it's own personality and system of doing things so just find where you want to fit in. You can join no groups or as many as you want. I'm currently in 7 (see blue siggy when it appears :P ) so I can answer questions about most of the social groups and direct you to any joining threads you might have trouble finding.


Then we have the rp boards (the first ones are the story boards and the second ones talk about the first ones I believe...) where you can create your own character and write them an adventure somewhere in Randland. I am not involved in this yet so I can't help you if you're interested in that. Find Nyneave, she's the head of one of those groups and likes new people :)


Other features include the blogs (which you can write about anything if you choose to get one) the store (cool stuffs there!). The chat board is only available for "premium members" who pay for it :P


If you have any more questions feel free to ask :D

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What is trans?


I am also a vegetarian and I pity those non-vegetarians who like killing animals too much. They should let animals live their lives. Cheese comes in my vegetarian list but not eggs. I don't think I could eat non- veg. I once saw a live chicken being cut one day. Not something you would like to see.


Welcome Wrenwren and enjoy here. If you have any questions just ask.

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Thanks! Glad to know I'm not the only robot! ^_^



Aiel Heart,


Thank you for the wonderful tour. I think I'll start out with the social boards. I love writing, but I don't think I have time for it right now, so maybe the roleplaying boards will have to wait a for a later date. Do you have a favourite social group? Anywhere good for a new person to start out at?




I don't eat eggs either. I do, however, bake with them.


And trans is just a shortened form of the words transsexual/transgender (they're somewhat synonymous for the general population). I use it, for myself, to indicate that I was physically born male even though I'm actually a girl. So I'm taking steps to remedy this frustrating birth defect.

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Ledinna Sedai,


My least favourite character? Oh, ^_^ there's so many to choose from! I'd have to say Rand though. I know he's the main protagonist, but I just find him so irritatingly annoying. And I'm always on the fence about a lot of the female characters. With a few exceptions, they seem to be a bit one dimensional (then again, the same argument could be made for the male characters too). But, I'm going to have to say that I'm not too fond of Elayne either.


And thanks for the welcome!

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Umm.... Well all of the social groups have something special to them....


Really just need to check them out for yourself


The BT and the Wolfkin are more laid back in many ways (and love spamming and goofing off), while the WT and the Aiel are far more structured, but can still have fun. The BotRH and the Oiger aren't extremely active right now, but the Oiger are like a relaxed version of the BT and Wolfkin when they're active (I haven't been with the BotRH through an active time yet).


I'm not a part of SG or the Kin


But they all really have their own personalities and such so just poke your head in and look at a few threads in each of them and see if you think you'd like it there :)

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I am part of Kin and I don't think it is much active now. At least when I last checked but when it is active it is really fun. I used to be part of Shayol Ghul and it is also fun and I believe it remains active. But if you are a shy person it is better to stay away from it for a while.

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