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Kin Bio - Niela Molan - NSW - No CC Needed


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Full name: Niela Molan

Age: 115

Place of Birth/Raising: Arad Doman


Physical appearance: 5’8 feet, 140 pounds, white hair kept in a bun, chestnut brown eyes. Neither very tall nor very beautiful, Niela commands every place she enters by the aura of inner strength she projects. People take note of her, be it in an empty room or a crowded field.


Physical weakness: she has a scar on the palm of her right hand and a burn mark on the soles of her feet.


Physical strength: she has a very good condition and stamina and a firm grip, speaking of quite a bit of strength in hands and arms.


Personality: Niela is considered by most to be the best Mistress of the Retreat they’ve ever had. She has a no-nonsense approach to just about everything and everyone. She takes whatever life throws at her, believing that there’s no purpose in wallowing what could be or regretting what was lost. And yet, for her charges she has a listening ear, a supporting shoulder and a soothing touch when needed.


Personality weakness: if she had any, they have long been lost in the long years of her life.


Personality strength: Niela is an expert in adapting herself to every possible situation and has a very strongly developped talent for reading people. She knows exactly how to handle each individual she comes across and guide them in the direction she wishes them to go. In the hands of the wrong person, this talent could be very dangerous, but in Niela it is a blessing. Both to the Kin and to the individual that finds themselves under her care.






Much of Niela’s past is shrowded in mystery. None that now live know where she originally came from or what her life has been before joining the Kin. During the last hundred and fifteen years, Niela has held every position in the Kin, except for Eldest, and has excelled in each one. But none fitted her as well as her current position of Mistress of the Retreat. This is where she fully blossomed.


She spent time as a Wise Woman in various nations, learning the trick of the trade in each and increasing her skill with healing to the level of expert Healer. Both with herbs as with the use of the One Power. Her time as a White Tower Liaison Officer had been her least favorite and she quickly abandonned that life to one that had her placed as a merchant in Ebou Dar. After a lengthy career of forty years, she was approached by the Knitting Circle to become a member of the Search & Rescue team. During this time her talent with reading people fully developped and she was personally responsible for the rescue of no less than two hundred women over the course of thirty years.


When the new Eldest was chosen, Niela was asked to take on the responsibility of Mistress of the Retreat, which she accepted. And she has served the Kin in that capacity ever since. Every Turn, she expected to be replaced, but it was generally agreed that she was the best they ever had and each time they asked her to remain. Niela was happy to oblige, since she loved the job, and after so many years wandering around from one place to another, it felt good to stay put in the same spot.


Being at the center of the Kin Administration also didn’t hurt her wish to have a more active part to play in the decision making process of the Kin. While she was not a member of the Knitting Circle, she did enjoy the respect of those that were and her advise was often sought in various matters.

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