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Sea Folk Bio - Rotar din Lemal Sharkfin - NSW - No CC Needed


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Full name: Rotar din Lemal Sharkfin

Age: 31

Clan: Tremalking

Rank: Cargomaster to the Sailmistress of Wavedancer


Physical appearance: 6 feet 2 inches, dark ebony skin with dark brown eyes, pitch black short hair. Muscular body wit nimble limbs. Stunning smile.

Physical weakness: light sensitive eyes due to having been blinded by looking in to a mirror enhanced sunbeam aimed directly at his eyes. During bright days, his vision becomes blurry at a certain distance. The brighter the light, the closer the blurry vision.

Physical strength: Rotar has an exceptional stamina. He keeps going long after most men would have fallen over from exhaustion.


Personality: Rotar is a kind man with a ready laugh. He loves life, pure and simple. He is loyal, dedicated and fiercely protective of those he cares about. Loved by the entire crew, and admired by not a few women, he’s completely unaware of his physical attraction and convinced that his trading skill is what gets him through the most difficult bargains.

Personality weakness: Rotar has a tendency to believe the good in people, which can be a bit of a problem when dealing with less honorable folk. He’s always ready to give someone a second chance.

Personality strength: His nature is such that he automatically disarms most opponents who spend more than five minutes with him. They become eager to please him. This is a good thing, or Wavedancer may have needed to find another cargomaster, despite him being married to the Sailmistress.


Weapon Score: 9


Special talent: Rotar is a really good bladesman. Both with daggers as well as with swords, he’s considered very capable. His balance is admired even among the Atha’an Miere, which helps him against opponents that are less sure footed, which means most everyone else. Even those with superior bladeskills fall short when they face him on grounds that require a high level of balance skill.





Rotar had always wanted to be a carpenter. Creating things that help people enjoy life more was the dream. Life was there to be enjoyed, after all. Else, what’s the point of living? Ever since he was a young boy, he would spend time with the ship’s carpenters, tinkering with leftover woods and making small toys and other items for the crew. His parents had smiled at his enthusiasm and had encouraged him in his dream, for being a carpenter was an important position on board ship, where so much was made of wood. They were happy with their son’s choice and endulged him in it as much as possible.


When he reached the appropriate age, he picked the trade of carpenter to be his profession and became an apprentice with the ship’s carpenter. At that time, the old man had already seen the boy’s passion for the craft and was happy to train him. There was always something to do for those working with wood, and Rotar learned fast and eagerly. He quickly became quite skilled with all but the most difficult tasks and it looked like he was fast underway of graduating as a full fledged carpenter in his own right.


Then, one day, their ship was caught by a tornado and flung for several miles over the sea, crashing down with such force that the entire ship broke in two. Rotar and several other members of the crew survived the disaster and floated on loose boards in the ocean for two days when they were picked up by a passing vessel and brought back to Tremalking. Of all the crew, only six had survived and there was a week of moarning. Rotar felt the loss of his parents and crewmates keenly and stopped speaking as a result.


He was taken in by a Sailmistress and her cargomaster who owed his parents a debt for a lucrative deal they had shared with them. There, he slowely healed from his ordeal under the friendly camaradery of the crew and under the watchfull eye of the Sailmistress. He quickly became a valuable member of the crew, apprenticing himself to the carpenter of the ship. His life became more colorful, and more complicated, when he drew the eye from the oldest daughter of the Sailmistress. Lenara was a gorgeous girl and exceptionally skilled. As was proper, she was held to higher standards by her mother than the other girls on board, but no one questioned her abilities. She was a dutiful daughter, hard worker and had a willingness to help out wherever needed, no matter how hard or dirty the work. She also had a nack for lifting people’s spirits and soothing their pains.


As they grew older, Rotar found himself more and more enamored with Lenara but never knew if she returned the feelings. She wasn’t free to explore any romantic relationships so long as she wasn’t declared ready by her mother. When the time came, her parents gave her a ship of her own and declared her independent. Rotar was both proud and sad, for while he was happy for her it also meant that they would now be seperated. But Lenara had other plans and as soon as she enlisted her own crew she approached Rotar with an offer that would totally change his life. She wanted him to be her cargomaster and her husband. It was quite a shock to the kind hearted young man, who had never had any sign that his feelings were reciprocated and had long since accepted that Lenara would not be his. Still, he hesitated. Cargomaster meant trade and defense, neither of which he had pusued, but Lenara whiped his doubts under the table. She had already seen his worth both during the battles on her mother’s ship and during the many times Rotar had pursuaded people to his side of an argument in a number of situations. She knew those skills would be valuable in a cargomaster and besides that, her mind was set. He was to be her husband and the husband of the Sailmistress was the cargomaster. And that was that. She could be quite forcefull when she wanted to and Rotar’s heart wasn’t really in to arguing, seeing his dream of being married to her dangling in front of him. So, the would-be carpenter let go of one dream to pursue another and they were married that same month.


Lenara’s foresight turned out to be profetic, as Rotar grew in to one of the Atha’an Miere’s most skilled cargomasters. He found a talent for balance the likes of which made even the most seasoned warriors raise an eyebrow and he turned out to be quite skilled with the blade as well. Together with the ship’s Windfinder, he managed to keep the ship and crew defended from most of the hostilities they ran in to, which was a lot due to the Wavemistress’ tendency of sending Wavedancer constantly in to harm’s way, which earned him the trust, respect and loyalty of the crew. He was surprised to find that he also had a knack for trade. Convinced that his success was because of his bargaining skills, no one felt the need to point out that he owned that success more to his charisma. Something he was still blissfully unaware of.


Over the years, Rotar had trained many of the Atha’an Miere’s youngsters, who each became quite sought after by Sailmistresses and Wavemistresses alike. Some of them even moved on to become crew members of the Mistress of the Ships, earning the clan more honor and prestige than any other. This service to the people, along with Lenara’s fairness and generosity, earned the crew of the Wavedancer the goodwill of many Sailmistresses. Which in turn became an ever increasing thorn in the eye of the Clan’s Wavemistress. It took all Rotar’s skill to keep the vessel and it’s crew safe during the many missions they were sent on, but so far he had managed to steer clear of disaster. Eventhough losses were had that could have been avoided, had the Wavemistress not been so blinded in her views of his wife. It was something that rattled the kind hearted man many times, but each time Lenara managed to sooth his pains and lift his spirits and help him to move on and continue to enjoy life.


Now, a new Wavemistress was chosen and they lost their Windfinder to the Seanchan. A new Windfinder had been raised, who had already proven to be of extreme value to the ship and crew, and Rotar found himself working very well with Seralle. But how much longer would they be able to keep their people safe? The Coramoor had been found, the Last Battle was approaching.


His duty was clear. He would defend his crew and ship to the last and above all else, his Lenara. For without her, life wasn’t worth living.

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