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Kin Bio - Saldra Tekoia - NSW - No CC Needed


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Full name: Saldra Tekoia

Age: 92

Place of Birth/Raising: Saldea


Physical appearance: 5”7 feet, green eyes, blond hair, slightly curling and half long hanging to her shoulders. She has an angular face with a distinct jawline and a sharp nose. She is slim, yet curvatious and has a natural grace to her.

Physical weakness: none.

Physical strength: none.


Personality: Saldra is a born protector. Being raised in the Borderlands, she feels the weight of responsibility very strongly and has learned from a young age the necessity of bravery. As most Saldeans, Saldra has a very strong personality and a short fuse and she is very straight forward. She has a stubborn streak that both serves her and puts her in trouble depending on the situation, but once she has her mind set on a goal she never lets go until she accomplishes what she set out to do.

Personality weakness: Saldra’s straight forwardness and blunt ways often get her in trouble with those above her and often others need to temper her down lest she would barge right in to situations that could prove to be disastrous. Through the years, this has been smoothed out some, but the tendency is still there. She’s quick to anger, especially when witnessing injustice or bullying, and quick to pass judgement.

Personality strength: She’s fiercely loyal, very brave and dedicated to those placed in her care. Once those traits were aimed at Saldean people, but now that has shifted to the Kin. She is one hundred procent dedicated to the Kin and their purpose.


Channeler: --ee nds to be very weak in Strength --




Saldra was sent to the White Tower as a young girl to be tested and proved to be able to learn to channel. But her strength was so weak, that she was put out of the Tower before even having been raised to the Accepted. Full of shame, she decided not to return to Saldea, where she was sure to be the subject of ridicule. So, instead she wandered the lands and headed South.


She reached Ghealdean and was captured by some Whitecloaks on the charge of being a darkfriend. This was, of course, utter nonsense and the charge was made by one of their officers whose advances she had refused. But the Children didn’t need proof, it seemed. Being charged by a Child of the Light appeared to be enough to doom you. And so she was beaten and Questioned and beaten some more. She stubbornly refused to confess, regardless what they did to her, and so they beat her to an inch of her life and left her to die at the side of the road. They couldn’t kill her without the confession, but the result was the same. Or so they thought.


What seemed to be an eternity later, but in reality was less than half an hour, two women came to her and nursed her wounds. They took her to a meadow they called the Farm and there, Saldra spent the next few weeks in and out of consciousness. Then, one day, one of the women came and she felt the distinct weaves of Healing settle down upon her. The next day, she was as good as new though with a hunger the likes of which she had never known.


While she ate, what felt like, the entire stock of food from the Farm, she told her rescuers her story. How her shame of being put out of the Tower had prevented her to return home and what she had gone through on the road and where she had planned on going. She didn’t really have a plan on what she would do with the rest of her life, but she knew she wanted to be as far away from the White Tower and from Saldea as possible and so that meant South.


The women at the Farm left her be for a few weeks and then she was summoned to appear before the Mistress of the Retreat. Saldra liked Niela. She liked her no-nonsense attitude and approach to life. The two had become close, or so Saldra felt, during her time on the Farm and she gladly responded to the summons. Seven women sat waiting for her as she entered the building known as the Office and they each regarded her with solemn eyes. They proceeded to inform her of the Kin and it’s purpose, it’s rules and the opportunities for one such as Saldra. She didn’t hesitate for a second, but immediately grabbed the chance they offered with both hands. What else was she to do? This was the answer she had been desperate to find. A purpose to her life.

She started out like all others, learning about the Kin, their rules and their Turns. She spent time in several cities as well as on the Farm until eventually she decided that she wanted to help save other girls and women from the faith that bound them all. As she was once saved, so would she now save others. She applied to become a member of the Search & Rescue team and started her training. After several years of intense training, she was judged to be ready and that was the start of her new life. Her purpose.

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