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Kin Bio - Melain Drowad - NSW - no CC needed


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Full name: Melain Drowad

Age: 200

Place of Birth/Raising: Andor


Physical appearance: 5”6 feet, very slim, athletic built, brown eyes, black died hair that flows in waves down the full length of her back. She is pretty, yet not considered beautiful due to her lack of curves.

Physical weakness:. She has weak bones which are prone to break easily.

Physical strength:. She has a very strong heart, which helps her to survive the most intrusive Healing.


Personality: Melain is a survivor. In every sense of the word, but where she truly excells is in the manipulation of those around her. She has an inborn ability to steer people in the direction of her choice and have them thank her for it to boot. She is adaptable and fits easily in to every situation, crowd or circumstance. She’s a master cameleon who can have lunch with a royal and dine with a beggar all in the same day with both being convinced she totally belongs to their world. She comes by this talent through a combination of keen observation skills and the ability to read people and situations quite skillfully.

Personality weakness: because manipulation comes so easily to her, Melain is partly convinced others must be trying to manipulate her in turn and as a result she finds it very difficult to trust people. She never shows all her cards, not even to those closest to her in the Kin.

Personality strength: her ability to blend in with any crowd and circumstance. Nothing is beneath or above her and she has a hunger for knowledge and learning. Anything will do, from learning how to knit to learning how to read the Old Tongue and everything in between.






Melain had only spoken of her past once, to one person. The Eldest that had held the position prior to her introduction in to the Kin and that woman was now long since dead. To her, she had poored her heart out. To her, she had admitted her shame, her pain, her horror. She had been the only one who knew of the life Melain had been forced to lead, prior to being discovered by the Kin. Cast out by a father that wasn’t hers, rejected by a nobleman who had sired her, betrayed by the urchins of the street that had pretended to be her friends, raped by the men that had pretended to love her. Her youth had been one flight after another, from town to city and back again, until eventually she met the one that would have been the end of her. Lured in by his wife, she had been chained, beaten, raped and violated in more ways than she cared to remember while he counted the money his ‘customers’ paid for the privilege. The couple had kept her for two years before replacing her with someone new and throwing her out in the streets. Skin over bones, dirty and obviously ill, she had stumbled around in a haze and walked straight in to a man. The man was with a woman dressed in the most beautiful gown she’d ever seen. They took her inside the inn and had her eat her fill and while the man was standing outside the room they occupied, Melain had poored out her heart. The woman rose to speak to the man who left without a word and took Melain up to her room. Melain couldn’t sleep, she kept eyeing the woman with distrust, a trait she would never lose again.


They left the following morning, taking Melain with them. What became of her captors, Melain never found out, but the wounds that had been placed upon her were too deep to erase. Even after a full year in the lady’s care. After that year the lady, who wasn’t really a lady but that’s how Melain thought of her anyway, said that she had to go to Ebou Dar. She offered to take Melain with her, though she was free to go her own way if she wanted. She had thought Melain to read and write and Melain had dived in to every book she could get her hands on. She had discovered a hunger for knowledge that sometimes overpowered her hunger for food. She had also learned to knit and sow and had been given instructions in the basic knowledge of herbology and tending the sick. The lady was extremely versatile in her skills and Melain dreamed of one day becoming just like that. When the offer came, Melain instantly became suspicious. Would this be where they would betray her? Lock her up and sell her to the highest bidder? She scanned the lady’s face and could find nothing but honest concern in it. A voice that had long been silent within her now spoke and urged her to take the offer. Taking a deep breath, Melain did something she had never done in her life. She decided to trust her instincts.


They travelled in comfort towards Ebou Dar and were received warmly by a group of women who each looked at Melain with questionmarks in their eyes. The lady went off with them to a private meeting, while Melain was taken to a room and given a meal and a bath. Several hours later, a servant came to fetch her and brought her to a room where the lady was sitting behind a desk. She proceeded in questioning Melain about her views on the White Tower and channelers in general. Melain quickly saw through the questioning and asked in turn what the lady had to hide from the Aes Sedai. This brought quite a shock to the lady, who didn’t manage to hide it quite as well as she may have wished. Melain cursed herself for being so blunt and vowed to learn to be more carefull so not to burn any bridges or land herself in worse trouble than she could get out. And yet, that hunger for knowing was still there. The Lady said that there were things she couldn’t reveal to Melain just yet, but if she wished, she would like to keep her on as her servant. Melain didn’t much like the sound of that, having seen first hand what servants had to go through in the hands of those calling themselves ‘noble’. And yet, there was that voice again. Urging her to accept. For the second time in her life, Melain decided to heed her instincts and she accepted. The next two years went by as though in a dream. Melain was treated with kindness, fairness and respect. She had a warm place to call home, food in her belly and clean cloths to wear. She served the lady, who was now called the Eldest, faithfully and dutifully. Staying true to her vow, she learned to control her tongue and keep her eyes and ears wide open and her mind sharply tuned. She continued her lessons in reading, writing and found a fondness of puzzles, which she would secretely test with the people that came to the house.


One day, the Eldest had Melain serve her and her visitors tea when suddenly one of the visitors collapsed on the floor. The Eldest was up and on her knees in a flash and Melain gasped. What in the Light? She could see a light surrounding the Eldest, as though a lamp was standing behind her, illuminating her entire form. One of the visitors had noticed Melain’s reaction, but dismissed it as shock from seeing a dead person. The dead woman’s heart had simply stopped beating, was the outcome the Eldest came to. Arrangements for the funeral were made and life went back to it’s normal routine. Only, there was something else now. Regularly Melain would see that same aura arround the women that would visit the house, as well as around the Eldest. She hadn’t spoken of it yet, but it puzzled her greatly. Then, one day, she was attending the Eldest again and suddenly she felt something. Like someone staring at her from the shadows. She turned to the door, though it was still closed but sure enough, a few moments later one of the woman she had seen with the aura entered the room. The Eldest had noticed this time and that’s when Melain was introduced to the Kin. She was much too old to be entered in to the novice books at the White Tower, but what did she care about that. She wouldn’t have left the people that had taken care of her so well, even if she could never bring herself to trust them fully. Of anyone in the world, the Eldest held the most of her trust, such as she could give it. She wouldn’t turn her back on her now! And so it was that Melain became a member of the Kin.


Many years later, after many turns in a vast variety of different lives, she was approached by the new Eldest, asking her if she would consider becoming a White Tower Liason Officer. This was a huge honor to receive, for those were the women that risked the most and were trusted the most. Keeping the Kin secret from the White Tower was the number 1 rule among the Kin, to the sacrfice of everything else, including one’s own life. If the White Tower knew of the Kin, they would be disbanded in a heartbeat and there is nothing that could be done about it. For everyone knew, Sisters have-to-be-obeyed! Feeling very unworthy of that trust, especially since she herself hadn’t been able to make herself trust them to such a level, Melain accepted and vowed to herself to do whatever it took to become worthy of that trust.


And so it is that Melain Drowad has been a White Tower Liaison Officer for the last fifty years, passing herself as a Wilder and seeking out runaways and steer them back to the White Tower or to the Kin. It was a dangerous profession, with the security of the Kin at stake, but it was one that left Melain feel satisfied and fullfilled.

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